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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

.:Silhouette Chalkboard Vinyl:.

I was excited when I got a chance to try out the new Silhouette chalkboard vinyl. It was a happy day when the UPS man rang my doorbell to deliver it.


I’ve been wanting to get my craft supplies organized, and I had just the idea of how to use the chalkboard vinyl to help me do it.




I’ve been starting to collect glass jars to store my crafting supplies in. We’re hoping to move soon, and I’m really hoping to have my own craft room. Which meant that I needed a new system that doesn’t involve Ziplock bags.




So the supplies have started going into the jars, and now the jars have some lovely labels that I made using Lucy II and the chalkboard vinyl. I wrote the labels on using a chalkboard marker, which is so much nicer than using traditional chalk.




And the best part it, I can switch supplies out if I need a bigger or smaller storage solution, and just re-label!




I’ve got some other ideas for the chalkboard vinyl once we get into another house that hopefully has a play room. Wouldn’t it be fun to have it on the wall as a little art area for your kiddos?




What would you use chalkboard vinyl for?


  1. Love the chalk idea, so many uses :)

  2. I have them too, i bought them on etsy. But i didn't think about using an chalk board marker ( I even didn't know it excisted ) I knwo what to buy when I pass the art supply shop tommorow :-) !


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