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Thursday, March 1, 2012

.:Things To Try Thursday - Time Out Stool:.

Let's bring back Things to Try Thursday, shall we? 

I saw this time out stool on Apartment Therapy originally on Pinterest (of course!) and thought it was just the most genius thing. 


I can't wait to make one. I've got one 3 year old who could certainly use some time on it, and a certain almost 2 year old has started turning naughty lately, too. Like, looking at mom while she hits her sister kind of naughty. 


Go here to learn more about this time out stool. And if you are going to pin it, make sure you click to the original source! 


  1. I saw the non-DIY version in a catalogue (Wisteria maybe?) and thought it was a great idea. Let us know if it turns out.

  2. That is great! Thanks for sharing - going to pin it (from original site)!

  3. Ha! This is genius! I love it!


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