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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

.:Spring Fashion for my Girls:.

I shared this post over the weekend on Whatever DeeDee Wants as part of her Spring Fling. You should go check out the rest of the awesome posts!

I’ve got three little girls, age three and under. Which means that shopping and sewing are super fun!

I’ve been working on their spring and summer wardrobes, and thought I would share a little bit about how I decide what to make for my kiddos.

Of course, it is always fun to dress them in the same thing. I made these skirts for all three of them, and will mix it up a bit by having them wear different tops.


I also made these tops for them.


But instead of having my girls always wearing everything exactly the same, I try to find ways for them to coordinate, instead of match. There’s a difference. I promise.

Like these tunics. All pretty much the same, but each girl got their own color of ruffle on the bottom!


I’m pretty excited about these outfits, because purple and coral is my favorite color combo right now. Again, not totally matching, but definitely coordinating.


I also made these tunics. Same style, but different fabrics.


Now, one way to have fun with fabrics is to use the same fabrics, but in different color ways. I made these dresses for my oldest two girls, and they are the same, but different…..right?


Or you can have a super awesome best friend who makes three outfits for your girls, using different prints from the same fabric line.


But if there is a fabric you reeeeeaaaallly like, you can mix it up the way I did for their Easter outfits: a ruffle dress for my oldest, bustle skirt for my middle daughter, and a peasant/ruffle dress for my baby.


Now, don’t think I make everything for my girls! I spend plenty of money shopping for their clothes, because aren’t girl clothes the cutest?? I do the same thing when shopping: maybe some stuff matches, some stuff the same but in different colors, but then also just stuff for just each girl!

I'm sure some people think it is ridiculous, but I love doing it!

Do you have multiples of girls or boys? Do you coordinate them, or just do whatever?


  1. My sister coordinates her two girls. I thought it was ridiculous at first, but when we go to the park and we're watching 6 kids, it's nice that two or three of them are wearing the same color and are easy to find as they run around!

  2. Those are super cute! How do you have the time to whip out these outfits?! ;) Love ya XOXO

  3. i love the tunics done both ways.. are you doing a tute on those???

    1. I sure can! I'll have to put it on the blog schedule. Remind me if you don't see one soon. :)

  4. OMG! I am so in love w/ the last 3!!!! I love, love, love that ruffle fabric!!!
    Great job & TFS!!!! Chelle

  5. Wow! You have been busy! I love them all! I coordinate or match my girls as often as possible. They're 8 and 4 and they still love it!

  6. I LOVE to make matching things for my girls, I think it look so cute, especially now my youngest has started walking!

    - Adele @ Mammy Made

  7. Gasp!!! I LOVE everything! You're girls have amazing wardrobes, thanks to a talented mama!


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