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Sunday, May 6, 2012

.:Market Yourself Monday–Braided Chain Bracelet:.

Happy Almost Monday! Or maybe I should just say Happy Sunday, eh?

Did ya’ll have a good weekend?

Ours was busy with errands, and fun stuff – like picking out the colors for our new house! I had no idea how much was involved with doing this! I have always heard how it can be a test of marriage, and I’m happy to report that my husband I made it through quite easily, and agreed on most everything. (Meaning I got my way when there was a conflict. I call that agreeing). We also shared some good food and good laughs with some friends, so all in all, I’d call it a successful weekend.

We also started some impromptu sleep training with Miss H. You know, after she kept trying to eat every two hours during the nite. We had two reeeaaallly bad nites, but ever since then, when she does wake up, she just talks for awhile, and then goes back to sleep. It has been just lovely so far. She also started rice cereal! She’s a total piggy; she loves it!

Anyway, this week I’m going to be sharing my braided chain bracelet. It’s pretty simple, pretty fun, and I kinda want one in every color.

braided chain bracelet

I’ll show you how tomorrow!

Now let’s get this party started! Remember, things are pretty open around here. Tutorials, crafts, giveaways, shops – I don’t mind if you link it all up! I know it’s not possible to always link back, but pretty please do it where you can. You can grab the button or just throw a text link in there; either’s fine for me!

Get your link on!
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  1. I'm so happy to link my salsa up this week! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks for hosting. LOVE all the great ideas each week!

  3. There are always so many great things that get linked up here...thank you so much for hosting!!!

  4. Thanks for hosting such an awesome party!

  5. Thank You so much for hosting this party! I'm happy you and your husband made it through the test. haha. My husband and I just had a pretty laid back weekend and got caught up on some of our TV shows.

  6. Thank you so much for hosting. Have a great week. xo Ginger

  7. Hey Sumo! Thank you for hosting! Wishing you a beautiful week! :)

  8. Picking out paint can be stressful, but so much fun too! Glad the hubby agreed with your choices! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week!
    Liz - Love Grows Wild

  9. Sumo,

    Thank you for hosting!

    I appreciate it,

  10. Good Morning! The bunnies are busy nibbling at every thing their tiny teeth can find. Without hurting them, I wanted to deter them from my garden & my plants-so I found a simple Garden Critter Deterrent (#188). Thanks for hosting the party! Have a great day!

  11. Thanks for hosting! I linked up #224. I have my own party going on now and would love for you to visit!

    Have a great week!

  12. Happy Monday! thanks for hosting each week.


  13. I'm a new follower and excited to be participating in your link party! would love to have you visit my little world.

    Have a great day!


  14. Thank you for hosting!!

    Barbara @ Chase the Star


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