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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

.:Tutorial Tuesday–Knit Tank Dress:.

I originally shared this tutorial last week over at mama says sew

I saw some cute little knit dresses in the girl’s section at Target awhile ago, and like your usual craft/DIY/sewing blogger thought, “Hey, I can make that!”

So I did.

And I kinda think mine turned out cuter.

knit tank dress

Here’s what you need:
- knit fabric
- tanks/tees in sizes of your girls
- sewing machine/accessories

I’ve got three girls, so of course, I had to make three dresses!

fabric for knit tank dress

Plan out your fabric. Choose one fabric for your main, and one for your border.

fabric for knit tank dress

Now it’s time to cut your tank. I did about six inches down from the arm pit; you could do this wherever you like, depending on the look you want for your dress.

cut tank for knit tank dress

You need to figure out how long you want the dress to be. My cut tank part was 10.5 inches for a size 4T. I wanted the dress to be around 15 inches from where I cut the tank, so about 25 inches long total. I wanted my band to be three inches, so I cut the body of the dress 24 inches wide by 12.5 inches long. (The half inch measurements will give me some room to work with seams.) I always cut on the fold, so I just have one big piece.

cut fabric for knit tank dress

As I said above, I wanted my band three inches. When adding a band, instead of hemming, I just like to fold it in half and attach it that way. So I cut my band 24 inches wide by 6 inches long.

cut fabric for knit tank dress

Now you can see what your dress is going to look like!

cut fabric for knit tank dress

Fold the band in half, length wise, and pin your unfinished edge along one edge of the body of the dress.

attach band to dress

Sew the band to the body of the dress. And since we’re using knit, no worrying about finishing edges!

attach band to dress

Flip it down and top stitch it in place.

top stitch band to dress

Now take your body, put right sides together of the edges, and pin in place.

sew body together

Sew along the edge, making your body a big tube.

sew body together

Gather along the top edge of your body. Slide the tank in, with the top of the tank first and making it so right sides are facing. Sew the body to the tank.

attach tank to dress body

Closer look!

attach tank to dress body

Turn the dress right side out, and top stitch along the edge where the tank and body meet.

top stitch tank to dress

Now the dress is cute, but it still needs a little something. How about a pocket? I just free handed a pocket.

cut pocket

Hem the top edge of the pocket. Pin it to the tank, folding your edges under.

pin pocket to dress

Sew around the pocket, leaving it open at the top!

sew pocket to dress

And there you have it! A cute, light, summery dress!

knit tank dress

I love the mixing of all the patterns!

knit tank dress

It’s so colorful and fun!

knit tank dress

Add some colorful jewelry,

knit tank dress

and some leggings if it’s not quite warm enough where you live,

knit tank dress

And you’ve got yourself an adorable little ensemble!

knit tank dress

Pretty cute when we get sister in on the action, too!

knit tank dress

And baby, too!

knit tank dress

Here are the measurements for the three sizes I made:

Tank: Cut 10.5 “ from shoulder
Body: 12.5” x 24”
Band: 6” x 24”

Tank: Cut 9” from shoulder
Body: 10.5” x 22”
Band: 6” x 22”

6-9 mo.
Tee: Cut 7.5” from shoulder
Body: 7.5” x 20”
Band: 4” x 20”

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  1. Aw, I love the dress! Such pretty colors, great job!

  2. Those are so cute!!! I love the fabrics that you used!

  3. I love knit dresses for my little one in the spring and summer! I'm a little jealous though, and want one for myself :)

  4. This is just adorable! I need to make a couple of these for my Granddaughters!

  5. Hello Summer,
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial on how to make a knit tank dress. ;o) You make it look so simple. I love the fabrics that you choose to use, super cute. I just pinned your link. Thanks again.
    Smiles, Paula

  6. So cute! I really have to try this, but I've made ONE thing with my sewing machine. I might need to take a class first.

  7. Thank you for this tutorial! I am kind of afraid of knit fabric... How did you get the puckering of the skirt to be so even? I am unsure how to make that happen. I also assume your width of the skirt is greater than the shirt, I am unsure how to figure the amount to allow for movement. Thanks again.

    1. Don't be afraid! I love knit! For gathering, what I do is pin the fabric in two places, and gather evenly between the two pins; it is much more even that way. As for the width of the fabric, I usually make my width 1.5-2 times the width of the shirt I am attaching the skirt to. Hope that helps! Good luck and happy sewing!



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