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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

.:Everyday Victories

Before I became a mother, I had no idea the small things that were going to turn into some of my proudest moments.

Kids learning how to crawl and walk, first words, potty training, sharing with sisters, and some things that are recently rocking my world: having a child who can dress and undress herself, and knows how to work the blueray player!

But one of my favorite victories that we recently started experiencing in the Sumo house is having a baby who sleeps through the night! Don’t be deceived by this cuteness; this little lady just recently started sleeping longer than two hour stretches at night!


Little Miss Harper was born close to three weeks early, and was super small. She’s stayed really small, and I felt like I had to let her eat whenever she wanted, which happened to be about every two hours up until about a month ago. Even during the night. It was pretty tiring being up every hour or two during the night, and then having three small children who needed you all during the day. Getting dressed, doing hair, and getting out the door is nothing short of a small feat – I know all mommies get that!

So I decided to bite the bullet and get started on some sleep training for Harper. I knew she was mostly just eating out of habit during the night, and I figured there were some things I could do to help her sleep longer.

First up? Diapers. Having to change her if her diaper felt too full or had leaked was a hassle and woke Harper up too much. Pampers to the rescue! We’ve been using their diapers that have 12 hour protection, and I love that I don’t feel like I need to change her as often during the night. You might want to give their Pampers Cruisers a try if you are looking for a good diaper to try!

The next thing that helped was getting Harper to start taking her binky again. I know that binkies aren’t for everyone or every baby, but if my babies will take them, then we use them! I knew this could be helpful during the night for soothing instead of feeding her when she woke.

The combination of those two things had this sweet little lady sleeping through the night in about three nights of training. Which tells me that she was super ready. And the best part? Her naps have improved now as well!

And when mama is rested and happy, these three beauties are happy, too.



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  1. Hooray! I loved when that happened with my daughter. I love the name Harper! That is my daughter, Wynn's middle name. :)

  2. Harper is the cutest!! you are supermom, I can't imagine having 3!

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  4. Awww...so precious!!!:) They are such cute gals!


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