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Friday, June 22, 2012

.:My Do-Over Moment (aka my worst mommy moment):.

We’ve all had times where we’d like to have a do-over, right?

Maybe it was a slip of the tongue. Maybe you didn’t take action when you should have.

Or maybe you dyed your hair black, causing you to have to strip it with bleach and get blisters all over your scalp.

(What? That hasn’t happened to you?)

Well, my biggest do-over moment came in the form of my oldest daughter, Reece. This happened when she was about 19 months old, and right after I had had Remi. We were shopping at one of our favorite stores, and instead of making her sit in the front of the shopping cart, I figured, hey, why not let her stretch out in the big part of the cart with her snack as I do my shopping. Doing so meant that Remi’s infant carrier went where Reece would normally sit. Which also meant that it was a little difficult to see over.

We went on our merry shopping way, and each time I checked on Reece, she was happily snacking away while seated in the big part of the cart.

We stopped on an aisle, and I was looking at something and then I heard a horrible sound. And I knew immediately that Reece had fallen out of the shopping cart. It was the worst sound ever, and I’ve never felt like a worse mother! Of course, she started screaming, and her lip was bleeding from biting it. I could see that her eye was already starting to swell up, and I knew that she had landed right on her head. She continued to scream as we left the store, and for the entire drive home from the store. Not that I could blame her! I felt horrible.

I was frantically calling my sister who is a nurse, my friend’s husband who is also a nurse – anyone – to find out what I should look for in case she had a concussion or something like that. Basically, everyone told me to just watch her; even the Instacare that I called.

We made it home and I was able to get her settled down, and to sleep for a nap.

When she woke up, she was totally fine! No tears, didn’t seem to be bothered in the least. And that’s how she was from there on out.

Her eye? Not so fine. Here’s what it looked like that first day.


And a little bit later in the day.


And I thought that was bad. (It was). But I had no idea that it was going to turn into this the next day,


And then this the day after that,


And basically just continuing to get worse throughout the week.


She would poke it and it wouldn’t even seem to phase her. I think the black eye was just there to serve as a reminder to my mommy guilt to never, ever do that again!

It started healing; look at all those colors!


Oh, and did I mention that this all happened right before Remi’s baby blessing?


Sad, right?

So I’m sure it’s obvious that my do-over would be to never, never, ever put my kids in the big part of the shopping cart where they could fall out again. Those straps on the seat are there for a reason, people! Strap your babies in!

It’s now become kind of a family threat.

“Don’t do XXXX, or you’ll get a black eye like Reece.”

It's the lesson that keeps on giving.

What’s your do-over moment?

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