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Friday, July 27, 2012

.:Guest Blogger - Parenting Is A Big Deal:.

I’m Jessie Akos and you can find me blogging at Parenting is a Big Deal.  The title of my blog comes from a moment when, about two weeks into our baby adventure, my husband looked at me with wide, slightly terrified eyes,  and said, “wow.  This is a big deal.  I mean, this (pointing at newborn Z) is a really big deal!”  Yup, it sure as heck is!  The hubs, baby Z, and goofy, lovable dog named Bella and I live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado where we run (ahem, we try), hike, mountain bike, ski, and generally enjoy the outdoors when we’re not freakishly adhering to Z’s nap schedule or swamped with snot, poop, or any other such bodily function of our child.  Yes, I talk about it.  All of it.  But I also speak from my heart; I try to write the truth as I see it.  Here are a few excerpts from my favorite posts.

This is the very first post I ever wrote about my struggles with breastfeeding:

“I had no problem with my precious, helpless little newborn latching right on and sucking the heck out of my unsuspecting nipples. It became my sole purpose in life to nourish my baby, and all I wanted was to be as close to him as possible. And what could be closer than having him gain sustenance from my very own body? It was amazing and gratifying to be able to provide this for my child.”

This is from a post where I talk about traveling with Z when he was 9 months old:

“Z barely had a minute of cute before he turned into fussy screamer again.  No, nice lady sitting behind us with all the answers, it’s not his ears- he’s really, really, super duper tired!  So, I did what any normal mom would do in this situation.  I lifted my t-shirt, flashing the guy sitting catty corner to me, and squished the baby underneath it.”

Here you’ll find me gabbing about a fun-filled experience swimming with the Z-ster.

“The 3 private bathrooms with sinks were occupied STILL.  So, I left our belongings and ushered my naked baby and poopy suit into the women’s locker room (also crowded and chaotic) where I proceeded to squish his delicious chubby chunks into one of the small hand-washing sinks and rinse his suit and butt with freezing cold water.  FUN.”

I do hope you’ll stop by and if you do, say hello!  It’s a friendly bunch over at Parenting is a Big Deal!  

Ahh....I think all of us mommies can relate to Jessie and her experiences with poopy babies in public places, am I right? Babies sure pick the worst times, don't they? We had troubles with breastfeeding with my oldest, and it's nice to know you're not alone! Thanks so much, Jessie!


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