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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

.:Guest Blogger - Sunny Stitching:.

I put out a call for some guest bloggers for the next couple of months while I am busy packing up my house and moving a whopping two blocks away. Jessica is the first lovely lady who stepped up to help! 

Hi! I'm Jessica and I am so excited to be guest posting here today!

I have been blogging at Sunny Stitching for almost a year now and this is my first ever guest blogging experience. Yay! My little blog was slow going at first, but I've been much better at keeping it up since the start of 2012. I love all things handmade and my favorite ways to create are crocheting, sewing, baking and painting. I've got two little ones, so much of what I make involves them in some way, whether it's letting them add the ingredients to a mixing bowl or sewing up a cute dress or outfit for them to wear. Just lately, my husband has shown a wish to be more a part of my blog...so I'm sure I'll be making some things that involve him in the near future ;-)

Speaking of the near future...as we all know, the Olympics are fast approaching. I am ultra excited to be living in England for this once in a lifetime experience! I've made some Olympic Rings T-shirts for my kids to wear during the festivities and today I'm going to share my tutorial with you. 
I hope you enjoy it!

 Here's what you need...
 Fabric Paint & Paintbrush
Plain White T-shirt
Small Cup
Black Marker
Water (for rinsing paintbrush)
Rag (for cleaning round container)

Here's how you do it...
 Cut a piece of cardboard small enough to fit inside the t-shirt. Draw the Olympic rings on by tracing around the cup with a black marker. I used the lines on the cardboard to make sure the rings lined up evenly, but you could also use a ruler or other straight edge.

 Slide the cardboard into the t-shirt.

You should be able to slightly see the Olympic rings through the t-shirt. Slide the cardboard around until you have the rings where you want them.

 For the grey t-shirt, I lightly traced the Olympic rings onto the shirt with a pencil. If you do this, make sure you still have a piece of cardboard or thick paper inside the t-shirt to prevent the paint soaking to the back of the shirt.

 Once your rings are in place, use a paintbrush to paint blue on the rim of the cup. Make sure the layer of paint is fairly thick but not so thick that it gets clumpy.

Carefully place the cup paint-side-down onto the t-shirt. It should be lined up exactly on the top left circle of the Olympic rings. Press very slightly and then lift it slowly and carefully off of the shirt. 

 Use the same method to make the remaining rings.

 IMPORTANT: Wipe the edge of the cup clean and rinse the paintbrush before changing colors so that the colors don't mix.

 Let the paint dry completely and follow any setting instructions that come with your fabric paint. Ones I've used in the past need to be ironed on a cotton setting for a few minutes on the reverse side of the fabric after the paint is completely dry. The ones I used today didn't come with any instructions (weird!).

 Ta-Daaaaa! (as my kids like to say) You now have a homemade Olympic Rings t-shirt!

Here's a glimpse of them on white...
...and grey...
 ...and here they are on two cute kids.
You'll notice that I turned my little girl's shirt into a dress. She refuses to wear anything but dresses, so I had to get inventive. I really hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I had a great time as a guest today and would love for you to visit me soon at Sunny Stitching!


What a fantastic idea! And with our house full of girls, I can totally appreciate turning the shirt into a dress. How neat to experience the Olympics - I lived in Utah when they were here, and it is truly a once in a lifetime experience! Thanks Jessica!


  1. Thanks, Sumo! I had a lot of fun putting this post together and hope everyone enjoys it!


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