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Thursday, July 19, 2012

.:Tutorial Thursday - Color Blocked Shower Curtain:.

A little change in schedule this week due to me being out of town and not having this finished before I left. Truth be told, I didn’t even buy the fabric for it until we got home. It’s okay, right?

In preparation to moving into our new house, which will include visitors coming to stay and see our new house and help with the move, I have been planning some color changes for the rooms in our house. Our old shower curtain was solid black and we had cream and dark sage green towels. Combined with the darker paint on the walls, along with no windows, the bathroom just felt dark. (Sorry, shoulda snapped a ‘before’ picture!)

Obviously, our new house isn’t done yet, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t start using some of my new things now! I whipped up this color blocked shower curtain in one afternoon, and even though it’s still in the small, dark walled, windowless bathroom, the lightness of the shower curtain is already brightening things up!


Yes, there is navy and gray, but it’s not solid and overwhelming. We’ve got white towels now, and the white and chartreuse blocks lighten up the effects of the navy and gray. It just gives the entire bathroom a cleaner, crisper feeling. Which is how you want your guests to feel when they come stay in your home or come over to visit.

Want to make one?

Here’s what you need:

- fabric
- iron
- sewing machine/accessories
- shower rings (not shown)


I started off by doing some math. Yes, math. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not my favorite – or best – subject, but don’t worry; this is relatively painless. A standard shower curtain is 72”x72”. I knew I wanted four colors for the shower curtain (which goes against my usual odd number policy, but I just couldn’t part with any of the colors!), so I divided my length by four.

72 divided by 4 = 18

I also knew that I wanted to do a double panel shower curtain so that it could be opened from the middle and pushed to both sides of the tub. So I needed to divide my width by two.

72 divided by 2 = 36

So the lowdown for my finished shower curtain: eight panels total measured to 18”x36”.

Don’t start cutting your fabric yet! We need to account for seam allowances!

I knew I would need half an inch along the bottom and outside edges. For my very top edge, where the rings would be, I knew I’d need an inch because I need to add buttonholes along the top for the shower curtain rings to go through. There are also quarter inch seams where the color blocks meet throughout each panel. I could have figured out each different color’s measurements, which wouldn’t have been difficult, but to make it easy, I cut all the panels to the same measurements:


That gave me a little bit of extra fabric along all sides, but I like to give myself extra room to work with.


Do you like my little diagram?

Now it’s time to get cutting! Cut eight blocks of fabric – two in each color. If you are using more or less colors, you’ll obviously need to re-figure the measurements and how many blocks to cut. Remember, for this design, we are cutting each block to 20”x38”.


Now it’s time to get sewing! Decide what order you want your colors to be in. Starting with the top, match up two blocks with the right sides facing together, and pin. Be sure to pin the width, not the length!


Sew together, and finish the edge.


Repeat for all blocks. You should end up with two panels.

Iron along the length sides and bottom edge a quarter inch in, then another quarter inch. This is a great activity to do on the floor while watching your favorite soap opera. Sew along the edges.


At the top of your panels, iron down quarter inch, and then half an inch more. Sew along this edge.


Take a ruler and chalk and make even marks for where you are going to sew the buttonholes for the shower curtain rings. I went in an inch from each edge, and measured mostly equally – it was between 6.5-7 inches between each mark. You should have six across the top of each panel.


Sew buttonholes where each of your chalk marks are. I’d never done buttonholes before, and now I am kind of in love with it. Who knew it was so easy with my automatic setting on my machine?


Hang those babies up, and admire your work!

Yep, I’m pretty darn happy with how they turned out.


What’s that you say? Open up the shower curtains? Let them be parted!


Seriously, is it weird to be this excited about a shower curtain? Because I am.


So there you have it! A simple, color blocked shower curtain to brighten up your bathroom. All that’s left to do now is invite people over!

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  1. This is great...I love the colors that you chose!

  2. Great job! I also made 3 shower curtains for our new house and every time I look at them I feel so proud! People don't kow how easy it is o make them and how much nicer they are than stock curtains! Thanks for the tutorial... - Susan

  3. WHAAAA?!! Only 3 comments? This post should have garnered far more than 3!! I know I am behind a bit but c'mon people!!!! GREAT job Sumo!!!!I LOVE the look!! Now I'm off to find some fabric w/ some big & small solid & open circles, bright colors on a white background for MY guest bath!!! kweenbee_612@yahoo.com


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