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Thursday, July 26, 2012

.:Wall Decorations with Fabric Ink:.

I was beyond excited to get the chance to work with Silhouette’s fabric ink starter kit. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!

As you know, we are building a house. Which means that Harper will get a real room in a real crib. (She is currently residing in a pack and play in our guest bathroom. What?) I’m excited to set up the real crib and pull out the baby bedding. My mom made it for me for our first, and we went with gender neutral colors (turns out we didn’t need to worry about that!) The bedding is black and cream, and we accented with purple. But for Harper’s new room, I want to use coral for the accent color.
Enter in the coral chevron fabric I ordered a year ago and never did anything with.
Here’s what I came up with.

Want to make some? Here’s what you need:

- plain canvas
- fabric
- mod podge
- paint brush
- CAMEO (Lucy was happy to get in on the action!)


Start off by cutting your fabric about an inch bigger all around than your canvas. This might be more if you use a regular sized canvas; mine were thin so I didn’t need as much around the edges. For example, my canvas was 12x12, so I cut my fabric to 13x13.


Mod podge your fabric to the canvas. I didn’t wrap the edges around at this point, but you could if you wanted.

While the mod podge is drying, get into your Silhouette software and create your design. I used these two fonts:


Cut it out on the stencil vinyl included in the kit. Apply it where you want it on the canvas. I am using the negative space for this project.


Use the paint brush (there is one included in the kit) to apply the fabric ink over your stencil.


Wait for it to dry and peel up the vinyl.

Then I hot glued around the edges.

I also made a monogrammed canvas using the sponge that is included in the kit. It gave it a more textured look, which I love!

I also made a third canvas with a felt flower to round out the three decorations.

I’m pretty dang pleased with how they turned out. Now I just need a house to move into and decorate!

What would you make with the Silhouette fabric ink?

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