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Friday, August 3, 2012

.:Guest Post - Love Grows Wild:.

Hi everyone! My name is Liz! I blog over at Love Grows Wild where I share crafts, recipes, decor, and organization tips. I'm super excited to guest post for Sumo while she's busy getting her new house ready! Isn't she just the sweetest? My family has also just moved into a new house, and I'm having a BLAST getting it all set up and decorated! We've painted the whole house top to bottom, transformed an unused closet into the organized pantry of my dreams, and started to makeover my boy's bedroom. But I got to looking at the outside of our house the other day, and it's been a little neglected since I've been so focused on the interior of the house. The exterior is needing some love too!
Here's the front door of my house. 
Wreath Edit 14
I love all the details in the molding, but thought the door could use a little dressing up.
Wreath Edit 15
We live out in the country, which means having a super long address... County Road North South East West; it all gets a little confusing to people trying to find our house. So I thought a pretty floral wreath with our house number on it would be the perfect addition to our door!
This one from Dana at Teach Craft Love served as my inspiration. It's beautiful! I love that you can still see some of the wreath form; it gives it a more natural look.
Here's the list of supplies you'll need:
wreath form
flower bush
wooden numbers
foam brush
twist ties
hot glue 
I started by painting my wooden numbers in Desert Turquoise with a foam brush. Two coats did the job. Don't worry about painting the back, but be sure to get the sides.
Wreath Edit 2
I picked up my wreath form for $4.99, but as you probably know Hobby Lobby puts just about everything on sale eventually. Just check their sales ad to find the right week. Or if you're impatient and want to craft NOW, print out their handy dandy 40% off one item coupon and pick it up today!
Wreath Edit 3
There are some gorgeous flower stems available at craft stores, but I often find them too expensive for how I want to use them. I can usually find a flower bush that is similar and has a lot more flowers for a better price. 
Wreath Edit 4
The easiest way to trim your stems is to cut the plastic all the way around the wire,
Wreath Edit 5
and bend the wire back and forth until it snaps. This saves time, effort, and your scissors by not trying to cut through the wire. 
Wreath Edit 6
I left about 2-3 inches on my stems.
Wreath Edit 7
Then I arranged all the flowers and numbers around the wreath to find the spacing I wanted.
Wreath Edit 8
Now poke your flower stems through the branches of the wreath.
Wreath Edit 9
Flip the wreath over and bend the stems slighltly to secure them between the branches. Add drops of hot glue to ensure your flowers will stay in place.
Wreath Edit 10
Use as many or as little flowers as you'd like. I ended up using 8 for mine. 
Wreath Edit 11
Now onto the numbers. At first I followed Dana's instructions and hot glued the crap out of the numbers to attach them to the wreath. In the picture below you can see that because the shape of the wreath, the number doesn't sit flat and is barely attached to the wreath at all. This method would probably work with smaller numbers, but mine are pretty large. Back to the drawing board.
Wreath Edit 13
Then I dug some twist ties out of my drawer and attached several to the back of the numbers with hot glue. 
Wreath Edit 11
I weaved the twist ties through the branches and wrapped them tightly around a branch in the back. This takes some maneuvering to get the numbers to sit straight, but it holds the numbers perfectly in place!
Wreath Edit 12
I picked up a Command hook to avoid damaging the door and hung my new wreath!
Wreath Edit 16
Now my door looks so pretty!
Wreath Edit 19
Wreath Edit 18
And hopefully people will find our house a little easier too!
Wreath Edit 20 What do you think of my new wreath? I've had so much fun taking over for Sumo today, and I hope you'll come visit me over at Love Grows Wild soon! I'd love for you to stop by and say hi! P.S. You can follow me on Facebook and Pinterest too!

I LOVE this! I wish I would have seen this about six years ago, when we moved into our townhome. People never knew which door was ours! How fun to match the flowers and colors to fit you. Thanks Liz!


  1. Thanks for letting me share my house number wreath with you today! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love this! The white flowers look so great against the dark wreath, and the colorful numbers are perfect!


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