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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

.:Guest Post - Reposhture:.

Hi People! I am Kim and I blog over at Reposhture. I was more than happy to volunteer to guest blog for Summer as she moves and gets settled in.  She does such a great job on DIY stuff and I love her sewing projects! I have two girls so I like to check in and see what she makes for them pretty regularly. They are some lucky little ladies, and well dressed!

Since she is moving into a new place, I thought a great post idea would be on how to set up a relaxing porch seating area using recycled and re-purposed items. Oh and it also cost less than $150! Over at Reposhture I like to do two things: paint furniture and re-purpose the heck out of things. I almost never use anything as it was intended which makes for some interesting pictures in my house!

When you move into a new house you already need to spend money on blinds, etc. to just get started so you don't want to think about spending huge amounts of money on new furniture for spaces that you use only a few months a year, right?

So how do you do that? Basically, I am cheap so that certainly fuels the creative juices. But you also need to be patient. This porch was not created instantly.  I knew what I wanted my porch to look like and then made a list of what I needed. Chairs, coffee table, lighting, bed? maybe.....that is as far as the list goes. I don't say more than that because I never know when I might see something that can be used to fill the bill. You'll see what I mean. Here's my porch now....

And the next pictures show how all of these things started out... and what they became. I have a large front porch so it will handle large pieces and it allows for larger numbers of people to sit and stay a spell.

Bed came first..... an old antique metal crib for $35 at Lucketts in Maryland. We found it on the way home from visiting my brother-in-law in D.C. three years ago. I made the cushion and used regular bed pillows that I had around to finish it off.  Yes, it was a crib but take away one side and it becomes a cozy daybed for us to read and relax on, and occasionally nap on.

 Next came some chairs that I picked up at two different garage sales for $15/each last year.  Best part about this one? I saw it online recently for $900!!!! Maybe I should sell it......

 Yes, it was like this for another year. I did find another chair that is similar to the one on the left for $10 so I have moved the right one indoors for future use elsewhere. I gave them a coat of Black high gloss paint and they look fantastic.
 I probably ruined any kind of antique "value" these have by painting them but the finish was just too worn out and I didn't like the color of the wood. But the lines are outstanding. The first time you look at a piece you might think, "Meh, so dated". But step back and ponder  a bit. I would encourage you to train your eye to look at the outline of it instead. If it has great lines and cool details. Get it. You can always change the stain, or paint it a great color to bring out those details. See here and here to see how a little paint makes a huge difference.

Love those arms, but I apparently forgot to dust them off before I took the picture! Well, you know I am keepin' it real.

Found these pillows for $10 at Ross Dress for Less. Yep, changed it up!
Got Chairs? - Check.
 But now I wasn't loving the bench I had been using as a "table" so that needed to change. But that was free off of the trash so you use it, until something hits you, right?

While I was waiting for something to hit me, I decided to redo the cushions in drop-cloth material and liked it so much I decided to remake the chair cushions as well this summer. Love the black and linen look that is happening. I did keep the originally green and aqua covers underneath so I can change it up when I feel the urge. Making my covers easy on and off helps with the cleaning aspect as well.

The printed pattern is a shower curtain! $5 at the GW. You can see how I recovered the cushions here. If you keep a color palette in mind you can easily change out small items to keep it fresh. 

Now I was feeling like it was looking relaxing but I still needed that table....... oh and overhead lighting!

So what should my wandering eyes should appear but the sidelight molding of a door on the trash and my solution was clear! 
You can see how I turned this......

 into this here

The only thing I was waiting on was that dang table inspiration! I have children that range in age from 4-13 so it needed to be durable but I don't like to sacrifice durability for pretty so I had to get my thinker thinking. One day as my kids were painting, I was mixing colors for them on a palette.......

AHHhhhh, Pallets! 
(Yes, my brain does seem to work this way)

Here she is the final piece to the porch puzzle. An industrial pallet coffee table made with pallets and PVC pipe!

I wanted to use black pipe, the kind you use for gas lines to connect the two pallets but it would have cost me $80 just for the pipe! Not a bad cost for a table I guess but I turned PVC pipe into  my "metal nuts and pipe" using caulk and ingenuity for just about $20. Yes go here to see how this got did.  

Here she is with contrasting slats added for greater usability. 
I know this is a big table, there are smaller pallets out there so just look and when you see two that match, get them. We now eat out here more than in our Dining room during the summer.

You can see I also added a few pillows in orange by recovering GW pillows I got for $3.00 with an orange sheet  I found for $1.00. Drop-cloths sheets, table clothes, and shower curtains are my favorite things to use for bigger projects instead of buying bolt fabric  because you can get lots of yardage for little money. Buy them when you see something you like. A project will come up that will make it worth it!

Now the fun part, well this all was very fun but the really fun part is adding the jewelry! 
Branches from the garden give the vignette height without obscuring the view, plants are always good as are candles. There's a cup under the  orange Kalanchoe to raise it up and vary the height there as well! Can you tell I like orange?

Cool trivets found at the GW and bought on a whim just because I knew I would not find this look again. They add great contrast between metal and wood.
An Apothecary light found for task lighting for hubby as he reads his daily newspaper

Glass to catch the morning sunlight. The aqua mimics the pillows so the whole look is cohesive. 

Side table to place your sweet tea as you relax and enjoy your summer reading list (found on the sidewalk!) The poppies bring the orange to this side of the seating arrangement.

So the porch went from this:

to this over a period of 2 years. 

Rome was not built in a day.
Take your time and keep your eyes alert, you can furnish not just your porch, but your home on very little money. 
Your wallet will thank you and you will have a home filled with things that no one else has. 
Your home is not a box, so think outside of it! 

Thank you Summer for the opportunity to share myself with your readers. I do hope you will stop by for a visit or two because I loves me some company!

Always being renewed,

Oh my gosh! I love this porch. I'm pretty sure if I had my Diet Coke and a book, I wouldn't leave there all day long. 


  1. Wow! I love the light fixture and the bed/couche thing. Such good ideas!

  2. I wish we had cool porches here in Arizona!

  3. Kim, you are amazing an so is that porch! The crib.... brilliant. I would love, love, love to hang out there.

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