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Thursday, August 9, 2012

.:IKEA Blogger Mixer:.

A few weeks ago, I got to attend a fun blogger mixer at IKEA, Draper.

It was a fun event planned for us to be able to bring our kids with us, which is always a nice perk! Sometimes it is difficult to be able to go to things like this when I have to find someone to watch my kids for me. The event started off with free breakfast for all of us! Score! My girls loved picking out chocolate milk and french toast sticks, and I treated myself to some bacon. Wins all around!

While we were eating breakfast, we got to just chat it up with each other. We sat with Kaysi and her kids, and spent some time chatting with Brittany and Stacy. Each blogger got a little goody bag that had the not yet released IKEA catalog! My oldest and I had a great time looking through it together.

Once breakfast was over, I buddied up with Heidi to go on the little shopping spree that we were all being treated to! We took advantage of the child care at IKEA (and spent some time in line talking with Emily) and got shopping!

(Heidi and Me)

I snagged this super trendy Ung Drill Frame.

You’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest if you don’t already own it yourself. (And if you don’t own it yourself, you really probably should. I’m in love with mine).

I toyed around with a few ideas for my new frame, before settling on a decoration for my master bedroom in our new house. I grabbed some gray and mint fabric, used my trusty CAMEO to cut out a monogram ‘A’, ironed it on and popped it in the frame. It was super easy, and took me no time at all!

I can’t wait for our house to be done so I can hang it up!

It’s going to look especially awesome with its new friend.

Don’t worry, that tutorial is coming at you next week!

IKEA was so accommodating, and it was so fun to have a meet up during the day that was kid friendly. Plus, getting spoiled is always a perk, too, right?

Thanks to Tauni and IKEA for a fabulous morning! When can we do it again?


  1. That looks great! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. PS- I'm glad that you didn't mention while you were sitting with me at breakfast, by kids were spilling chocolate milk everywhere ;)

  4. It is off course fun sharing gifts on special occasions.

  5. Turned out darling! It was so fun wasn't it?

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    again and again.
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