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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Contrasting Honeycomb Art:.

Are you ready to make yourself some custom art for your home? Did I mention it is something you can probably upcycle from your home? That’s what I did!

I saw these framed art pieces at good ‘ol Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.


At first I was going to see if my sister in law would design something for me in Photoshop, but then I remembered that I had a framed flower art that my husband gave to me the first birthday I had after we started dating (I think I was turning 24…yikes, I’m getting old!)

Factor in Lucy (my CAMEO) and some contact paper, and I was ready to go.

Here’s what you need:

- frame
- surface to paint on (mine was cardboard)
- matte for frame
- paint
- brushes
- CAMEO or other digital cutting machine
- contact paper


I wanted to make this mint and cream, so those are my two colors of paint. I started off by making my design in the Silhouette software. I chose to do a honeycomb print. I cut out multiple copies of it to create the stencil. (To be honest, I had actually already cut out the honeycomb for another project, but after cutting it I realized that the honeycomb was going to be slightly difficult to work with and bagged that idea!)

My matte was already cream to begin with, so I didn’t need to do a base coat of paint on it. If your matte is not the color you want, you’ll need to paint it the base color at this point.

After your matte is the color you want it, lay out your stencil on it. Yes, the honeycomb was a pain!


Paint over the matte with your contrasting color.


While that is drying a little bit, take your surface that is going inside the matte. Mine was just the flower print that was originally in the frame, which was on cardboard, turned over. Since this is going to be the opposite of your matte, you need to create an area that is the opposite base color to your matte. So my matte’s base color was cream, which meant my cardboard’s base color needed to be mint. Paint as much of the area as you need.


While that is drying, you can go ahead and peel up the stencil from the matte. Nice, right?


Once the other paint is dry, lay down another stencil, and paint over it with the opposite color.


Wait for that to dry, then peel it up.


Put that baby back in the frame, and you’ve got yourself a custom piece of art for your home!

Are you loving the honeycomb as much as I am?

It makes me super happy.

This project also cost me nothing! I had everything on hand already. That also makes me super happy.

What design are you digging right now?


  1. Summer, I LOVE THIS!!! I am for sure going to have to make one! It looks like you bought it! Love it! Great job!

  2. Love the colors! It's fun to have your own creative art in the home, especially when it's cheap :)

  3. This turned out great!! I'm going to give this a try {I don't have a cutting machine so I will have to get crafty with some painters tape!}
    I want you to know that I've nominated you as a recipient of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Your blog is great and I enjoy checking in to see what's new!
    Here is my post so you can see how to share the love! http://simplysweetsunday.blogspot.com/2012/08/blog-love.html
    Hope you have a wonderful day with your toes in the sand!!

  4. This looks really great! I love the contrasting colors on it. Gorgeous.


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