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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

.:Tutorial Tuesday–Color Blocked Ruffled Maxi Skirt:.

** This pattern is available for purchase here. **

I love maxi skirts.

I especially love maxi skirts on little girls.

I also love ruffle fabric and color blocking.

So why not combine them all for a great addition to your little gal’s fall/winter wardrobe?

These are seriously easy, and I even made three in one afternoon!

Here’s what you need:

- ruffle fabric in as many colors as you like
- elastic (I used 1 1/2 inch)
- sewing machine/accessories


Start off by figuring out how long you want the skirt to be. Take into account the width of your fabric; that will factor into your length measurements.

Then you need to split up your colors into inch measurements to equal your total. You could do even blocks of color, or gradually increasing blocks of color. A little tip: From ruffle to ruffle is about one inch, so that makes it super easy to cut. Just make sure you have the inch of fabric above the top ruffle and below the bottom ruffle on your pieces of fabric.


Now cut your ruffle fabrics all to the same width. You can do double the width of your little gal for a more full skirt, or about one and a half times the width if you want a bit more of a straighter look.


Take your top two colors, and lay them out. You’ll want to overlap the inch of fabric at the bottom of the first fabric and the top of the second fabric. Pin in place, making sure any ruffles are out of the way.


Sew the two pieces together, making sure that you catch both pieces of fabric. Here’s what it will look like.


And guess what? Ruffle fabric is like a knit; no edges to finish! Score!

Continue doing this until all of your colors of fabric are attached.


Hem up the side.

Cut a piece of elastic to the size of your gal’s waist, adding on about one quarter to one half of an inch. Sew the two ends of the elastic together, overlapping the ends a bit.

Then follow these fabulous instructions on connecting the fabric to the elastic. Really, follow these instructions or you might end up with broken seams around the elastic waistband!

That’s it!

Now you’ve got a comfortable, adorable skirt that your little lady can wear with boots and a sweater all fall and winter long!

Here are the measurements I used for my girls:

White: 2 inches
Black: 4 inches
Purple: 6 inches
Gray: 7 inches
Width: 18 inches

White: 2 inches
Black: 4 inches
Purple: 5 inches
Gray: 6 inches
Width: 18 inches

12 months
White: 2 inches
Black: 2 inches
Purple: 3 inches
Gray: 4 inches
Width: Ack! I didn’t write it down. I fail.

Do you like the color blocking?

Or are you a more solid color sort of gal?


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