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Monday, September 10, 2012

.:Reivew–DownEast Home & Clothing:.

Raise your hand if you love DownEast.

I’m just going to assume that you are raising your hand, because really, how could you not love DownEast?

I practically jumped off my couch and did a little jig when I got an email asking if I’d like to do a review for DownEast. There’s really only one answer to that sort of question: OF COURSE!

So of course, I loaded up my three little ladies and we headed out to do some shopping one morning.

We walked in the store, and since we have been in the process of building a house, I was immediately drawn to the home section. The first thing I saw was this table. I pretty much love everything about it. The white chairs, the black legs, the decorations on top. It would look super pretty in my new house. Just sayin’.


A few more steps and I started drooling over this hutch. I don’t really own any nice dishes, but if I had this hutch, I’m pretty sure I would need to invest in some. This hutch just deserves something nice in it.


I know I already shared a table, but I also really loved this one. I love the different directions of wood on the table top, and the different colors of chairs.


We wandered through the bed section, and we found this adorable toddler bed and hutch. I know the house of three cute girls that would love to own these!


DownEast also sells backpacks! I had no idea. I love this black and white one!


Another thing DownEast sells that I did not know about? Costumes! If I didn’t have costumes already planned out for my girls, I really might have bought this. We are popcorn lovers in our home and this would go perfectly for my popcorn eating gals!


After spending some time browsing the home section, we found our way into the clothing section. It was a feast for the eyes! I love this skirt, especially if I had different hips.


This dress has been on my want list for a loooooong time!


I love this shirt with the cute belt.


And we can’t leave out the accessories! I always love the jewelry at DownEast.


Another great thing about DownEast? They have a dressing room big enough to fit me, my stroller, and three crazy kiddos! I tried on this sequin chevron shirt first. Sparkly and chevron? Um, yes please!


And I pretty much loved this slouchy gray shirt. Perfect for dressing up or down!


Then I tried on the cute dress. (Do you like how my kids are getting progressively more wild looking in the pictures?)


Want to see what made it home with me?


I really love it. And so do my kids, we are all about the sparkle around these parts!


I also grabbed this baby:


Don’t judge my hair. We’d been running errands all day. With our kids.


But the shirt is still cute, and I sure felt stylish while doing so.

Bottom line: DownEast has a lot to offer, whether you are shopping for you, your kids, or your home. Head on in to DownEast to snag up some of their new items. Here are a few I’m loving right now!

Head on in to DownEast and treat yourself to something new. I’m sure you deserve it!

**Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card to purchase items to review, but my opinion of DownEast is all my own. I love this store and would take one of each of everything!


  1. You look very chic in all of them! Thanks for sharing as I always need new places to find cool clothes. It is not easy trying to be a relatively hip mom on a budget!

    1. You are so so kind! Happy shopping, I'm always happy with what I get from there!


  2. Wish this place nearer in our place.All clothes are what i am looking for like skirts and dress. You look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! You know how to make a gal feel good!


  3. What wonderful things! You look amazing. I wish there was a Downeast close to me. Just looking at your photos, I was ready to go and shop.

    1. I hope you find your way to one soon! Thank you for the sweet compliment!


  4. It looks like a really neat place...lots of cute stuff. I really like the popcorn Halloween costume...too funny!

    1. It is a fantastic store! And I'm still dying over the popcorn costume! Love it!


  5. I love their layering tops, perfect for staying modest. I love the shirts you picked!


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