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Thursday, October 4, 2012

.:Embossed Tissue Paper:.

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a small blogger event at the Cricut headquarters here in Utah. Along with meeting the CEO and several fantastic members of their staff, I got to hang out with some of my bloggy buddies and come home with some fabulous swag!


One of the toys I came home with was a new Cuttlebug.


These things are awesome! You can use the machine as a die cutting machine, or as an embossing machine. We got some fun new embossing folders, and they told us that we could emboss tissue paper! How fun is that?


So of course, since my daughter’s fourth birthday was last week, I had the perfect opportunity to put this to the test! I was making little favor bags for all of her little friends, and thought some embossed tissue paper would be the perfect finishing touch.




Here’s what I used:


- Cuttlebug machine

- spacer and cutting pads (included when you purchase the machine)

- embossing folder

- tissue paper




You’ll need to start off by folding up your tissue paper to fit inside the embossing folder.




Place the tissue paper inside the embossing folder. Notice how the name of the folder is right there, permanently on the front of the folder? Easy access and you’ll never forget!




Sandwich your folder between the cutting pads and put the stack on the spacer.




Now it’s time to get embossing! Get our your machine. When you press down the sides, it will automatically suction the machine to your work surface so that you don’t have to worry about it sliding around. Great, right? Turn the handle to crank it all through the machine.




Now when you open up your folder, you have some lovely embossed tissue paper!




Wrap up some party favors, and feel pretty awesome for adding something a little special for your party guests!




Love it! Don’t you?




Check out the Cuttlebug from Cricut if you want to try this, or have other ideas for using it! I know that I plan to make good use of this fun new machine!


The wonderful people over at Cricut didn’t stop there. I’ve got another fun new toy that I plan on using for a project for my house. Look for that coming soon!


  1. I need an excuse to try this! Aiden is going to a party on Saturday so I'll 'boy'ify it.

  2. Brilliant! I've never thought about embossing tissue paper. How totally awesome must it have been to go to the Cricut headquaters!
    Kindest regards,


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