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Monday, November 26, 2012

.:Review & Giveaway–Cricut Mini:.

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to visit the Cricut headquarters for an intimate blogging event.

I came away excited, full of ideas, oh, and also with a Cricut Mini in hand.

It’s okay to be jealous.

I had just the project in mind for my new toy. Our new house has a long skinny window right by our front door, which offers anyone who comes a-knockin’ a lovely peek into our new abode. I’ve seen the faux frosted windows online before, made using Contact paper, so I figured that would be a good fix to toning down on the view inside.


You like?

At the blogger night, the good people from Cricut showed us their new manuals. Seriously. Doesn’t that alone make you want a Cricut Mini?


There’s something about nice, creative packaging that gets me every.single.time.


The instructions are super clear and easy to follow, and Cricut even includes the materials for you to complete your first project right away – a thank you tag! Score!

So after breaking out my machine, I took a look at that super clear, super open window.


I measured how many inches wide it is.


The window is about six inches wide, so I needed to make my design six inches wide.

I downloaded Cricut Craft Room and opened up the program.

I went to the Cricut Elegant cartridge and chose this shape. I dragged it up to the work space. I sized it to about 2” x 2”.

frosted window 1 

Then I copied the shape, and dragged it next to my first shape. When the edges touch, a little window pops up and asks if you want to weld the shapes together.

frosted window 3

I made a row of three, welded together.

frosted window 2

Then I copied and pasted that the length of my work space; I was able to fit five on the page.

frosted window 4

Next I cut a piece of contact paper the size of the cutting mat. I put it on the mat with the paper backing side down.


Then I clicked ‘cut’ in the software. A window pops up and you choose what type of medium you are working with (I chose vinyl for the contact paper) and it tells you what to set your blade and pressure at.

frosted window 5

I love that you can change those settings without having to remove the blade!


Once it was cut, I peeled off the design and started placing it on the window.


I just continued down, placing them by hand.


It’s certainly not perfect, but I don’t think you can really tell that much.


I love it!


And the view from the outside.


I think it looks pretty awesome! And I love that I can take it off and do a new design if I ever want to!


Well, I’m about to make someone’s day.

Cricut wants to give one of YOU a Cricut Mini!

That’s huge, right??

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!

** Disclaimer: I was provided with a Cricut Mini, but was in no way obligated to gush about it on my blog. I just had to because I really think it's great!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I have similar windows to yours-- I'd love to make this!

  2. I have a vintage window I've been hanging on to that I would love to put some vinyl on...maybe our family name.

  3. I would use it to make the scrapbooks my kids and I are making for Christmas presents. (And I might have to do some windows, too!)

  4. The Cricut world is so new to me..not sure what I would make, but it would be awesome! :-)

  5. Some christmas cards :)

    dodkalm83 at gmail dot com

  6. Oh I would love to win this, so I could give it to my daughter, she will graduate in two weeks as a early childhood teacher:)


  7. How cool is that? :) We have the very same windows and I have tiny curtains in front of the inside of them, which look great and are fine EXCEPT that my 9-year old little boy (he is autistic) wont' leave them alone and they're always misshapen. That would be a great solution and if I had something like the Cricut mini to cut it, it would sure be great:)

    God bless,

  8. I can imagine my daughter-n-law, working with this with her Girl Scout Troop!

  9. I would make some wall art. I can do that with a Cricut, right?

  10. It would be perfect for decorating my house for christmas!!!! Christmas tree decor...wall decor...entry way letterings...for the dining table...lots of fun things I can create with it!

  11. That looks so neat!! I would love to make something like this for our windows by the door--they are looking pretty old :)

  12. Make something for my front door and windows

  13. Some window clings or something holiday themed for decorating?

  14. Christmas window vinyls!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I love the window You did an awesome job. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize. I would love to add the mini to my cricut family.


  16. I would make deco coverings for my front door, It has three windows and people can seen in when they come to the door, being in a wheelchair makes me nervous I love the idea of having more secure living I would then go crazy with scrapbooking yippie pick me please

  17. this is so clever and gave me so many ideas thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win a mini
    upnurse at aol dot com

  18. Need to make something for my window my neighbour likes to look in

  19. What a splendid idea! I love using vinyl/ contact paper.

  20. Very nice project and so simple to do.

  21. I'd love to use it for scrapbooking! I finally got around to scrapbooking my wedding. :)

  22. Wow, such a neat project. I just started using the adhesive backed vinyl at Joanne Fabrics and love it! So many uses. Thanks for the fabulous chance to win!

  23. Love your project is awesome I would do some christmas decor

  24. what an awesome idea on the door. I could really decorate my home with the mini. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. i would make cards, layouts and so much more.

  26. I would make paper dolls! A Paper Nativity too!

  27. I would make a Christmas Advent Calendar

  28. I've been wanting a Cricut since I first saw my friends a few years ago, I just can't afford one. Thank you for the chance to win!

  29. This is really stinken cool - Thank you for sharing I would've never thought of something like this!

  30. I want to try to win this for my daughter that teaches what they use to call HomeEc in high school. She has always wanted one and this would be wonderful for creating so many projects at school. She is also getting married next June so I can't even imagine what thing she would make first if we won. Ok thanks for the giveaway and happy holidays to all.

  31. Thanks I have the same doors too and want to do the same.


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