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Monday, November 19, 2012

.:Treat Yourself:.

I know we’ve been talking a lot about holiday cards around here lately, but I promise I’m only doing it so that I can share with you all of the amazing options that are out there!

One of those amazing options is Treat.

Have you heard of Treat?

Treat is awesome. You get to create one of a kind cards to share with all of the people in your life. The cards are totally customizable to who you are sending the card to, as well as the occasion!

I’ve used Treat in the past to send both of my parents, as well as my mother in law personalized birthday cards. I can’t even begin to tell you how much they loved getting cards with pictures of them with their grandkids and a personal message on them. You even get to put a little picture on the back of the card, too, if you want! It’s little details like that that really sell me! You can also have Treat mail the card for you. How easy is that?

Here are a couple of possible layouts you could use when creating a card with Treat.

I really love this Thanksgiving card because I call my kids ‘turkeys’ all the time!

Christmas is coming up, so you’ll for sure be needing some holiday cards to send out.

And of course, I’m sure most of us have at least a few birthday cards to give each year.

So whatever the occasion, and whoever you are sending cards to, Treat has you covered! Being able to personalize these cards really adds that personal touch!

Are you interested in trying out Treat?

Treat would like to offer you the chance to create one personalized card for FREE! But you only have today (11/19) and tomorrow (11/20) to do it, so get creating!

Visit Treat and use the code TREATBLOGR to get your FREE card!

** Disclaimer: I will be compensated for writing this post, but the opinions shared are my own. I’ve used Treat in the past and was thrilled with the service and the product!

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