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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Interchangeable Pearl & Ribbon Necklace:.

I originally shared this post over at The Ribbon Retreat blog.

I’m excited to show you how to make this fun interchangeable pearl and ribbon necklace. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll love how quick it is to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- ribbon – lots of it! I used a few of the double ruffle ribbons, and then some fun printed ribbons
- pearl beads (or whatever kind of beads you’d like to use)
- wire
- crimp beads
- crimping pliers
- jump rings
- alligator clips
- scissors
- lighter
- hot glue gun


Cut a piece of wire a few inches longer than you’ll need for your beads. Towards one end, place a crimping bead and then a lobster clasp.


Loop the wire around the clasp and back through the crimper bead. Crimp the bead down to secure the lobster clasp.


String your beads on.


Repeat the first process to attach another clasp at the other end of your beads. Your pearls are ready to go now!


Cut a piece of ribbon slightly longer than you would like the necklace to hang, taking into account your beads.


Tie knots around jump rings at each end of your ribbon. Be sure to heat seal the ends of your ribbon so that it doesn’t fray!


Attach your pearls, and you’ve got one cute necklace!

It looks pretty sweet just simple like this, but you can also jazz it up if you’d like.

Take a flower and hot glue an alligator clip to it.


Clip the flower on to your ribbon, and you’ve got another version of your necklace!

You can have fun with different ribbons and different flowers.

Look at all the ones I made, and I did it all in less than an hour!

Pretty fun, right?

If you’re not a fan of the knot look, you could also sew your ribbon around the jump rings instead.

Enjoy making your own variations of necklaces – there are so many options!

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