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Thursday, May 31, 2012

.:Eclos Beauty Winner:.

Have you been wondering who won the Eclos Beauty sample pack? 

I have been meaning to choose a winner, but then kept forgetting!

Using random.org, the winner is:

My Photo


Email me at sumossweetstuff@gmail.com to claim your prize!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

.:Giveaway - Shabby Apple - CLOSED:.


Sooooooo, this giveaway was supposed to go up yesterday. But you know, it was a holiday, and we were busy and on the go all day long. Clearly it didn't happen.

But it's happening now!

And today's giveaway comes from a company that needs no introduction: Shabby Apple!

Here are a few things that I am loving from their site right now:

I love the yellow and I love the straps on this Warm Sands swimsuit.

I'm a little bit in love with this Serenade maxi dress.

Could this Crosswalk skirt be any more amazing? 

Since I've got three little girls, I've got to include a girl dress in my roundup. This Strawberry Patch dress is adorable!

And we all know I'm a sucker for jewelry. I would love to add this Chessboard bracelet to my collection!

Today, Shabby Apple would like to offer one of you a $50 gift card!

And we're gonna keep it real simple. 

All you have to do is "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook, and come back and leave me a comment telling me that you did. 

Easy, right? 

For an extra entry, head over to Shabby Apple and comment back with what is your favorite item from the site.

This giveaway will run through Monday, June 4th at 11:59 p.m. MST. I will announce the winner on Tuesday, June 5th. Winner must have a US shipping address.

.:Tutorial Tuesday–Knit Tank Dress:.

I originally shared this tutorial last week over at mama says sew

I saw some cute little knit dresses in the girl’s section at Target awhile ago, and like your usual craft/DIY/sewing blogger thought, “Hey, I can make that!”

So I did.

And I kinda think mine turned out cuter.

knit tank dress

Here’s what you need:
- knit fabric
- tanks/tees in sizes of your girls
- sewing machine/accessories

I’ve got three girls, so of course, I had to make three dresses!

fabric for knit tank dress

Plan out your fabric. Choose one fabric for your main, and one for your border.

fabric for knit tank dress

Now it’s time to cut your tank. I did about six inches down from the arm pit; you could do this wherever you like, depending on the look you want for your dress.

cut tank for knit tank dress

You need to figure out how long you want the dress to be. My cut tank part was 10.5 inches for a size 4T. I wanted the dress to be around 15 inches from where I cut the tank, so about 25 inches long total. I wanted my band to be three inches, so I cut the body of the dress 24 inches wide by 12.5 inches long. (The half inch measurements will give me some room to work with seams.) I always cut on the fold, so I just have one big piece.

cut fabric for knit tank dress

As I said above, I wanted my band three inches. When adding a band, instead of hemming, I just like to fold it in half and attach it that way. So I cut my band 24 inches wide by 6 inches long.

cut fabric for knit tank dress

Now you can see what your dress is going to look like!

cut fabric for knit tank dress

Fold the band in half, length wise, and pin your unfinished edge along one edge of the body of the dress.

attach band to dress

Sew the band to the body of the dress. And since we’re using knit, no worrying about finishing edges!

attach band to dress

Flip it down and top stitch it in place.

top stitch band to dress

Now take your body, put right sides together of the edges, and pin in place.

sew body together

Sew along the edge, making your body a big tube.

sew body together

Gather along the top edge of your body. Slide the tank in, with the top of the tank first and making it so right sides are facing. Sew the body to the tank.

attach tank to dress body

Closer look!

attach tank to dress body

Turn the dress right side out, and top stitch along the edge where the tank and body meet.

top stitch tank to dress

Now the dress is cute, but it still needs a little something. How about a pocket? I just free handed a pocket.

cut pocket

Hem the top edge of the pocket. Pin it to the tank, folding your edges under.

pin pocket to dress

Sew around the pocket, leaving it open at the top!

sew pocket to dress

And there you have it! A cute, light, summery dress!

knit tank dress

I love the mixing of all the patterns!

knit tank dress

It’s so colorful and fun!

knit tank dress

Add some colorful jewelry,

knit tank dress

and some leggings if it’s not quite warm enough where you live,

knit tank dress

And you’ve got yourself an adorable little ensemble!

knit tank dress

Pretty cute when we get sister in on the action, too!

knit tank dress

And baby, too!

knit tank dress

Here are the measurements for the three sizes I made:

Tank: Cut 10.5 “ from shoulder
Body: 12.5” x 24”
Band: 6” x 24”

Tank: Cut 9” from shoulder
Body: 10.5” x 22”
Band: 6” x 22”

6-9 mo.
Tee: Cut 7.5” from shoulder
Body: 7.5” x 20”
Band: 4” x 20”

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

.:Market Yourself Monday–Knit Tank Dress:.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I hope you are bbq-ing to your heart’s content.

We’re going to a bbq tomorrow with my husband’s family, so that should be fun. Other than that, we’ve spent a pretty lazy weekend in our jammies. There was some grocery shopping, McDonald’s, and cleaning involved, but we’ve basically been bumps on a log.

It’s been great!

Before we get to the party, I want to put in a little person note here. If you look over under my sponsors, you’ll see a lovely button of a cute couple that is hoping to adopt. That cute couple just happens to be my beautiful sister and my brother in law. So, you know, if you want to take a peek at their profile, or ever know of anyone looking for some fantastic potential parents, keep them in mind! I just know they are going to be the best parents!

Alrighty, I shared this knit tank dress over at mama says sew a couple of weeks ago, but it’s making a comeback here this week.


I’ll show you how to make it tomorrow! I whipped up three – they are really that simple!

The most viewed link from last week’s party was:

Let’s get this party started!
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

.:Showcase Saturday:.


Showcase Saturday coming at ya again!

Let’s get to it!

Thanks for linking up!

Be sure the grab a featured button if I showcased your idea today!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

.:#EclosBeauty Review & Giveaway:.


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of éclos Skin Care for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Let's face it. I'm no spring chicken anymore, and even though I'm older now, my skin sometimes likes pretend like I'm back in high school again. (Can I blame that on my kids?)

So when I got the opportunity to try out the éclos Skin Care line, I sure jumped on it! 


éclos Skin Care is a skincare line that is made from the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple, making it a safe and natural way to care for your skin. These cells have shown a tremendous ability to stimulate the skin's stem cells, encouraging them to behave like younger skin. The combination of stem cells with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and plant extracts helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You wouldn't think a 32 year old woman could use help with wrinkles, but I do. They are smile lines, that means I'm happy a lot, right?

I was sent a kit to try out that included these products:

* Facial cleanser skin prep
* Cellular activator face serum
* Moisture therapy regenerative cream
* Restorative eye cream
* Instant radiance facial scrub
* Skin renewal clay mask
* eclos terry cloth headband

And you know it is only because I love you that I am sharing this beautiful before picture of me sporting my new headband before trying out the éclos Skin Care products for the first time. 


You can see that I'm sporting some wrinkles on my forehead, between my eyebrows, and where my smile lines are. 

And after using the éclos Skin Care for two weeks, here is my after picture (up close with my three year old before her dance recital!):

I feel like my skin is so much more even toned now, and you can see - and feel - the smoothness. 

I've absolutely loved using these products. They smell great, and my skin feels so much softer than it did before. I have really loved using the Instant Radiance Facial Scrub; it kind of heats when you rub it in, and the exfoliation has helped a lot. I also felt like the Facial Cleanser really cleaned my skin well. I've never had anything take off my makeup so thoroughly before!

Would you like to try out a sample kit? ($19.99 value!)

All you have to do is comment on which product you are looking forward to trying! 

That's it! 

The giveaway will end on Monday, May 28th at 11:59 p.m. MST. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 29th. 

This giveaway is open to US Residents only!
Visit Sponsor's Site

Monday, May 21, 2012

.:Tutorial Tuesday–Cascading Ruffle Tank:.

Are you ready for this ruffley goodness?

This might be one of my most favoritest things that I’ve ever made for my girls.

And people are agreeing; I’ve gotten SO MANY compliments on these babies! They would be cute in any fabric, but I think this neon chevron really makes the style pop!

And guess what? They are super easy!

Here’s what you need:

- knit fabric (I got the neon chevron from The Fabric Fairy; I love their knits!)
- elastic thread
- sewing machine/accessories

You need to start off measuring your little girl to see how long you want your tank to be. I measured from my girls’ chests, and made them a bit longer than where a normal shirt would hit them at their waist. The ruffles will also hang lower, so take that into account.

Then, you are going to need to figure out how much you want for the top part of the shirt, and how much for the body. These will be two separate pieces. The top part will be shirred and the body will have the ruffles.

For the width, I just did about one a half times the measurement of their chests. So, for example, my daughter’s chest is about 11 inches across, so I did her width at 16 inches. You’ll be shirring it in, so this will give you a little room.

For my daughter, a size 4T, I cut her top at a length of 5 inches and a width of 16 inches. I cut the body of her tank at a length of 10.5 inches and a width of 16 inches.

For my other daughter, a size 3T, I cut her top at a length of 5 inches and a width of 15 inches. I cut the body of her tank at a length of 9 inches and a width of 15 inches.

You will want both of your widths to be the same!

Cut both of your pieces using your fold so that you have one large piece for your top and one large piece for your body.

I got the idea for this top from a tutorial from Lil Blue Boo and her cascading ruffle skirt.

I basically followed her tutorial for the body of the tank, with a couple small alterations. Since our body piece is only one, instead of two like her skirt, I wanted the seam to be in the back of the tank. So meet up your two edges as if they are in the back, right in the middle.

In the original tutorial for a skirt, you curve up the edges. I don’t know if this was necessary for the tank, but I did it anyway. To make sure the curves were equal, I folded over one side of the tank so that I could cut both sides to the same measurement.

This is what it will look like opened back up.

It will look funky when it’s all opened up, but don’t worry about it!

Use the free download to get the shape you are cutting for your ruffles.

You can see my marker lines of where I’m going to sew the ruffles down. You’ll want even spaces between ruffles, and you’ll want to make sure that your pattern can finish evenly where your seam is going to be.

Sew your ruffles down as explained in the original tutorial.

This is what the body of your tank will look like when you are done sewing all the ruffles.

Take your top piece, and pin it along one edge of your body piece, right sides together.
(Sorry, no picture!)

Now open up your top piece and get your shirring on! Don’t be scared of shirring if you’ve never done it before! Wind your elastic thread to your bobbin (by hand) and leave your regular thread on the spool. Set your machine to your longest stitch length, backstitch at the beginning and end, and shir rows all along the top piece. I usually do mine about 1/4 inch apart.
(Sorry, no picture again – what was I thinking???)

The best part about sewing with knits is that you don’t have to worry about any fraying so you don’t have to finish the top edge once you get to the end of your shirring. You can just leave it as is!

Now it’s time for some straps. I usually just use a pattern I already own to get strap measurements because I’m lazy like that, but you could measure on your little gal how long you need the straps to be. Maybe add a couple inches because we’re going to be shirring again, so this will take away some of that length. Cut them to your desired width. You’ll need two! (Only one shown).

Shir two (or however many you want!) rows along each edge of your strap for a total of four rows per strap.

Pin the straps in place to the top of your shirt, and sew them down. Repeat for the front and back of the tank.

That’s it! You’re done!

Are you in love with it?

I think I am.

Perfect for playing in the heat during the summer time!

Sweet sisters!

Between the fabric and the style of the shirt, it was super easy to keep track of them when we went downtown later that day!

What do you think? Are you going to make one?

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

.:Market Yourself Monday–Cascading Ruffle Tank:.

Happy Monday…Sunday…or whatever day of the week you are reading this!

How was your weekend?

Our was BUSY. Between birthday parties, dance pictures, and dance recitals, we were on the go all weekend long! Busy and full, spent with family and friends. That’s the way life should be, right?

I was in charge of all the costumes for the dance recital, and luckily had an awesome committee helping me along the way. The costumes turned out great, but I am sure glad to have that responsibility over with!

And we finished up pre-school and dance this past week, so we’re in full blown summer mode now! I’m excited to not really have much of a schedule for awhile!

I teased a picture of these tanks last week, and this week I’m going to share them with you.


Full tutorial coming at ya tomorrow!

Now it’s time to see what you’ve been up to. I’m going to be looking for links to feature for Showcase Saturday!

Wanna see what the most viewed link was from last week?

Remember, tutorials, crafts, recipes, giveaways, shops – it’s all welcome here! All that I ask is that you link back when you can!

Get your link on!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

.:Showcase Saturday:.

I did it! See, I told you I would do better. 

The parties just keep getting better and better! 

Let's take a peek at some of the goodness.

flower boxes 101

Cereal Box Fabric Bolts (I do this, too!)

Be sure to grab a featured button if I showcased your idea today!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

.:Tutorial Tuesday–Ruffle Shorts:.

I shared these ruffle shorts on Nap Time Crafters last week, so in case you missed them, here they are!


I saw that rainbow-y plaid fabric and Hobby Lobby, and it basically said, “Buy me, I must come home with you!”

So I did. And it did.

Here what you need:

- fabric
- buttons (optional)
- sewing machine/accessories
- elastic thread
- fabric marker
- pair of shorts to use for pattern, or other shorts/pants pattern you can alter


I started off by taking a pair of my daughter’s shorts and measuring the length on them.


Then I cut two pieces of fabric – I added 2.5 inches to the length to account for my hem and waistband. I measured my daughter’s waist across the front, and cut the width of the fabric about 1.5 times my measurement. You could also use a shorts pattern you have already, or a pants pattern you already have and shorten the length.


If you have a pattern, you’ll have pattern pieces for this part. Take your shorts, and fold them in half. You can see how when folded, the shorts don’t stay perfectly straight. Line the shorts up on each of your pieces of fabric, with the fabric folded and the shorts lined up as shown against the raw edges.


Cut along your shorts lines.


Hem up the bottom of each of your pieces of fabric.


Now it’s time to shir! Don’t be scared if you’ve never shirred before. You need to hand wind your elastic thread in your bobbin. Don’t do it too tightly! Leave your regular thread up top. Set your sewing machine to your longest stitch length. Sew along the length of your hem, back stitching at the front and back. I did two rows. If it doesn’t start to shrink up on your own, you can hold a steaming iron over it and watch it magically shrink up. It’s very satisfying.


Set your two pieces aside. It’s time to cut some fabric for your ruffles. I wanted my ruffles to be about six inches long (this is for size 4t). So I cut the ruffles twelve inches long. My width was about four inches. You can really make these as big or small as you want!


Hem up the bottom of each ruffle. I also zig zagged the top edge and side edges, though you could hem these up as well if you want that look.


Take out one of your shorts pieces, and figure out how far down you want your ruffle to be. Remember, you’re going to be folding down the top for your waistband, so take that into account. I measured down about three inches for mine. I folded the piece in half, marked the middle, and then used my fabric marker to draw a six inch line. You can kind of see it – it’s purple, but tricky to see with this fabric!


Run a gathering stitch along the top edge of your ruffle. Pull the bottom thread gently to gather your ruffle. Pin it in place where your line is drawn.


Sew your ruffle to your short piece.


Repeat with the other piece and ruffle.

Take each piece and match up the bottom hem. Sew together the small part up to where the pieces are going to meet. Finish the edge. Do this for both pieces.


Turn one piece right side out, and place it inside the other piece with the right sides together. Pin around where you will sew them together.


Sew around and finish the edge.

I’m not really sure why, but I didn’t take pictures of this next part!

Turn your shorts inside out, zig zag along the top, then sew a casing for your waistband, leaving a two inch opening.. The size of this will depend on the size of your elastic.

Measure your little cutie’s waist, and cut a piece of elastic that length. Use a safety pin to guide it through your casing. Sew up your opening.


Cute, but not quite finished! Grab some buttons and hand stitch them on.


Better, right?


And absolutely adorable!


Put them on your little lady, and head outside for some modeling and bubble blowing.


Stinking cute, isn’t she?


I just love ruffley, girly things!


They would be super cute in just plain jean or khaki as well!


Perfect for all of the fun activities that come with warmer weather!




And nice and comfy for running around!


Are you going to make some? I'd love to see pictures!

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