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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

.:Conversation Heart Banner:.

Finally! A valentine’s Day post! I bet you were starting to think I was just going to skip over the holiday completely, didn’t you?

Never fear, I’m all over it. With a house full of girls, that centers around pink and glitter, you can bet that Valentine’s Day is on our radar. So I used it as the perfect excuse to bust out my Cricut Mini, some pretty fabric, and some ribbon to make this:

Wanna make one?

Here’s what you need:

- fabric
- felt
- Heat N’ Bond
- pinking sheers
- iron
- Cricut Mini (or other digital cutter)
- ribbon


The first thing to do is log in to Cricut Craft Room, and get a heart graphic. I was able to search and a ton of heart options popped up. Choose the heart you like, and size it.


Then you’ll need to add the text to the heart. I googled conversation heart images to get some phrases. Size the text to fit inside the heart.


Now it’s time to prep the fabric. Cut a piece of Heat N’ Bond that is smaller than the piece of fabric. Iron it on to the wrong side of the fabric, with the paper side being ironed on. This is what it will look like.


Once it is cooled, cut the excess fabric off and peel up the paper. You can see how the fabric now has a shine to it where the adhesive is ironed on.


Put the fabric on the cutting mat, with the shiny side sticking to the mat and the right side of the fabric facing up.


Load the mat into the Cricut machine.


Click the cut button in Craft Room. I selected custom setting, and used a speed of 3. My blade and pressure were both set to 4.


Click cut and watch the Cricut do its thing!

When it is done cutting, un-load the mat and peel off the excess fabric. Peel off the heart, and be sure to grab any extra pieces you need for your letters that have loops in them (‘e’, ‘b’, ‘o’, etc.)


Cut a piece of felt, place the heart on the felt, put a thin towel over it and iron the heart on to the felt.

Repeat with remaining fabric. What I love about Craft Room is that when you click on the text once, a button pops up that says ‘edit text’. It makes it super easy to change your text in the software!

Cut the felt pieces into whatever shape you want your pennants to be. I went with this flag look.

Don’t they look festive?

Cut holes in the corners of each pennant, string some ribbon through, and hang that baby up! Go ahead and add some extra decorative ribbon at each end if you like!

After I hung this up, my four year old kept saying how much she loved the Valentine’s banner and thanking me for making it.

I guess that means I did good, right?


  1. I need a Cricut! These are so adorable. My daughter would go crazy over them!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest idea! I love it! I wasn't going to make any Valentine's decorations, but you may have just changed my mind. :)

  3. That is just darling. I love the idea....now...all I need to do is buy one of those machines and get busy!;>) xo Diana

  4. I think this is really cute! And I have a Cricut Expression that I use ALL the time. Thanks for this wonderful idea!!!


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