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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Sewn Paper Decoration:.

Are you ready for the simplest, quickest, ‘tutorial’ to ever grace Sumo’s Sweet Stuff?

Sometimes I just like a simple, mindless craft. Easy to do, total satisfaction to get something done quick, right?

I made this sewn paper decoration for my youngest’s room, and even though it seems simple, it was a great way to add some fun patterns to her room without having to break the bank. I was also able to throw in a little more of her accent color, too!

paper decorations

I know, crazy reflector paper and taking pictures with a flash because of a room with horrible light.

Forgive me, okay?

All you need to do is head to the craft store and pick out some awesome scrapbook paper.

paper decorations

I tried to find a variety of patterns, and even got some fun textures as well.

Use your digital cutter’s software to find some shapes you want to use. I loved these scalloped shapes, and used four different shapes.

Cut your paper into those shapes using your cutter. Sorry, no pictures here….pretty self explanatory!

Once you have cut out all of your shapes, arrange your shapes in your desired pattern.

paper decorations

Sew the strands together, and hang them up where you want them to go. I decided to use some ribbon and flowers to make a border around my paper decorations, but you could always just let them fly without tacking down the bottoms.

paper decorations

I’ve actually been surprised by how many compliments I’ve received on these sewn paper decoration strands.

paper decorations

Who says sewing machines are just for sewing fabric, eh?

What do you think? Would you hang some paper decorations in one of your rooms?

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