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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Tulle Peplum Skirt:.

My spring sewing has been in full effect for about the past month now. With three girls to sew for, it definitely takes awhile to get through everything that I want to make for them. And just when I think I’m getting caught up, I get another idea of something I want to make! (Or I go and buy the 18 pattern bundle and make my sewing list grow even more!)

I love this tulle peplum skirt because it is both cute and comfortable. Plus, two ruffles? We love ruffles!

To get started, you’re going to need to do some measuring. I’ll share how I got my measurements with you, but a lot of these are dependent on how poofy (totally a technical sewing term) and how long you want the skirt to be.

Another easy way to get skirt measurements is to use a skirt pattern you already own, or to measure a skirt that you already have.

I cut all of my pieces on the fold, so keep that in mine when you look at my pieces.

You’ll need a top panel, a skirt body, the peplum ruffle, and the tulle ruffle.

For all three of my girls, the top panel was 3.5” long. I wanted it to be pretty gathered, so you can generally measure from hip to hip and use that width x 1.5 – 2. This will give you a nice good gather. You also need to take into account what you’ll lose when you attach the panel to the body of the skirt, as well as what you will lose when you put in a waistband. I like just using the same measurement for my girls – length wise – and adjusting the other measurements for their individual lengths.

For the peplum and tulle ruffles, you need to determine how much longer you want your tulle ruffle than your peplum ruffle. I did the tulle ruffle about twice as long as the peplum ruffle.

Then the last thing you need to measure is how long you want the body of the skirt to be. Just measure from waist to where you want the skirt to hit, subtract the length of your top panel, and there you have it.

You can see all of my pieces below: one top panel (cut on the fold), two peplum ruffle pieces (cut on the fold), two tulle ruffle pieces (cut on the fold), and one body piece (cut on the fold).

You can start off by attaching the two peplum ruffle pieces, and hemming the one long piece up. Also, hem up the body of your skirt.


Take the body of the skirt and run a gathering stitch along the top. Lay out your top panel, and gather the body to match the width of the top panel. Don’t pin yet!

Attach the two tulle pieces, run a gathering stitch along the top, and gather it to match the width of the body and the top panel. Pin the tulle ruffle to the body, but not to the top panel yet.

Finally, take the peplum ruffle piece, run a gathering stitch along the top, and gather it to match the width of the other pieces. Pin the peplum ruffle on top of the tulle ruffle and the body of the skirt.

Now take your top panel, and pin it – right side facing down to the right sides of all of the other pieces.

Attach your top panel to the other three pieces. Finish your edge with a serger or a zig zag stitch.

Flip the top panel up and top stitch.

Now bring the two sides of the skirt together, right sides facing, and sew them together. Finish the edges.

Serge or zig zag the top of your top panel, then fold it over one inch. Sew all around, leaving a two inch gap where you will insert the waistband elastic. I also like to stitch all along the top of the casing; I feel like this keeps your elastic from twisting around.

Measure your little lady’s waist and cut a piece of elastic to that measurement. Use a safety pin to guide it through the casing.

Overlap the ends of the elastic one inch and zig zag stitch together. Sew up the casing.


I reeeaallly love how this turned out!

Dress your little gals up for a photo shoot and fall in love with the skirts all over again!

Try to get the baby to join in on the photo shoot, and take pictures of her throwing a fit.

Then take a few more pictures of the happy kids.

No smiles from this one, but she’s still cute, right?

Happy sewing!


  1. Those are so cute! Your girls are adorable

  2. These are perfect for my glamdaughter, she would love it. I follow you via GFC. I host a weekly party that starts at 6:00pm every Tuesday called Fluster’s Creative Muster Party. I would love for you to stop by and share your talent and creativity.

    Hugs and Smiles,

    Robin @ Fluster Buster
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