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Friday, February 1, 2013

.:Valentine’s Day with Silhouette & Double Sided-Adhesive:.

We’ve got three little girls.

Which means we love all things pink, princess, and glitter. So when I was given the opportunity to try out Silhouette’s new double-sided adhesive, I jumped right on board! They had me at glitter.

The concept behind this product is genius! The double sided adhesive allows you to create perfectly shaped glitter and flocked designs. And it is super simple!

I was able to create this glittery chevron heart to display in our house for Valentine’s Day in about a grand total of 20 minutes.

silhouette double sided adhesive

Wanna see how to do it?

The first thing you do is pick your design in the Silhouette software. I already had this chevron heart, so I sized it to the size of frame I was using.

You take the double sided adhesive paper – which has two paper sides – and put it on your mat, change your settings to double sided adhesive, change your blade to the right depth, and cut it.

Cut the paper to the size you need it. I just used some scrapbook paper on hand.

silhouette double sided adhesive

Take your design off the mat, and peel away the yellow backing.

silhouette double sided adhesive

Place your design on the paper.

silhouette double sided adhesive

Now peel up the white paper – this will leave your design exposed as just an adhesive.

silhouette double sided adhesive

Sprinkle the glitter over your design. Use the paintbrush to spread it all over the adhesive.

silhouette double sided adhesive

Dump the excess glitter on to a separate paper. Then you can admire your beautiful, glittery design.

silhouette double sided adhesive

I took the glass out of the frame I was using, then put my design in and BAM – that’s it!

silhouette double sided adhesive

Look at that glittery goodness. Can you believe how easy that was?

silhouette double sided adhesive

The kit also comes with some flocking powder. So cool! I wanted to make a fun Valentine for my four year old, so I whipped up a design in PicMonkey and then added the arrow out of double sided adhesive to the printed copy. Follow the same process as with the glitter, and you’ll end up with this baby.

silhouette double sided adhesive

Flocked, furry, and soft!

silhouette double sided adhesive

Poke some holes and add some glasses, and BAM – done again!

silhouette double sided adhesive

I’m pretty sure the other moms will be thanking me for a candy-less valentine this year at pre-school.

silhouette double sided adhesive

I live to serve.

What’s that? You can’t wait to get your hands on this stuff and get creating?

Well good, because I just happen to have a deal to share with you!


Awesome, right?

Trust me, you want to try this stuff. It is seriously amazing. I can’t wait to create some more fun things using it. Cards, tags, decorations....so many options!

Just use the code SUMO to take advantage of this fantastic promotion!

The deal runs from February 1st-February 14th.

Remember….code is SUMO!


  1. Oh, wow! This looks really great. I would love for you to come over to my blog hop and share this there!


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