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Monday, February 11, 2013


If you have kids, whether it’s one, three, or more, you know that they can be expensive. All totally worth it of course, but still. It adds up! My three are still super little, but we’re already breaking the bank to keep them clothed! We haven’t even started in with paying for things like dance classes, piano lessons, or sports.

So when I can find somewhere to purchase clothing and toys for my kids at discounted prices, you can bet I’m all over that!

Zulily is all about offering that to all of its many customers. Not only are the products at great prices, they are top of the line brands that will not only save you some money, but also showcase your kids in stylish, more unique clothing. There are also lots of toys and games featured on Zulily, and it is refreshing to find new things that you don’t see at your normal stores.

When Zulily contacted me saying that they wanted to send my girls a sweet little Valentine’s set, you can imagine how quickly I was typing back that we would absolutely love that! The box came, and seriously, just having that bow on the package made me a little bit excited.

photo (1)

My girls helped me get the bow off, and we were greeted from this sweet little handwritten note from Zulily.

photo (2)

Of course, the girls were anxious to get the goodies out of the box. They were over the moon when they saw all of these wonderful items!

photo (3)

Basically, since we received the box last week, there has been a constant clamoring for who gets to wear the tutu and the necklace between the older two. All three of them love snuggling the little ladybug, and my four year old even used that cute little heart magnet to hang up some of her handwriting practices. (She loves to write names!)

Zulily, you did good! What little girls would not like to get any of those things?


Definitely fans of all the pink goodness!


And I am definitely a fan of the poofiness of this tutu. It’s pretty cute just standing still, but imagine those little hips shaking around, and it just amplifies it!


I hope you are signed up to receive emails from Zulily about the products they offer. And if you aren’t, get on over to Zulily right now and sign up and start shopping!

Thank you Zulily for the fun package!

Disclaimer: I received the package from Zulily, but how my girls and I felt about it is all from us! We thought the products were fantastic!


  1. I love Zulily. One of my favorite sites to shop. ;)

  2. I love Zulily too. How fun to get a special gift from them!

  3. OMG, LOVE that tutu!! I have never shopped at Zulily, but definitely have to check it out now!


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