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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Washcloth Bunny Kid's Craft

Why hello again! I am so excited to be back this month sharing my Washcloth Bunnies!!  If we haven’t been introduced yet, I'm Cheryl! I blog over at That’s What {Che} Said… I am the Kid’s Crafts Contributor here at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff and couldn’t be more excited about it!
About Cheryl Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Google+ Subscribe in a Reader BlogLovin' That's What {Che} Said... Image MapWith Easter hopping up on us early this year, I thought these cute guys would be the perfect craft to make this month!  They are fun they are soft and they even have room for an ice cube to fit and they can double as a Boo Boo Bunny after the holiday is over!  {{I am a huge fan of multi-tasking crafts!}} Wash Cloth Bunny Here is what you will need to make these cute bunnies:
  • Washcloths (I found a 3 pack at my dollar store)
  • 1/8” coordinating ribbon
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pink and White Pom-Poms
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue sticks
Note:  I found a 3 pack of washcloths, the googly eyes and the package of spring colored pom-poms all at my local dollar tree!  I already had the ribbon and hot glue gun and glue sticks…but I saw glue sticks there as well!  {{I also love crafts that don’t cost much!}} IMG_5783 To start off we are going to channel our inner origami knowledge and fold our washcloth into a bunny body!  Here is how we do that: 1. Lay your washcloth flat in front of you. IMG_5785 2. Roll the top left and bottom right corners of your washcloth into the center of the square like shown above. Secure the roll in the center with a piece of ribbon. snip excess ribbon tails. IMG_5794 3. Flip the washcloth roll over so that the rolled sides are facing down. IMG_5795
4. Fold the rolled washcloth in half lengthwise bringing both pointed ends together, like pictured below. IMG_5797 5. Next we are going to fold step 4 in half again, this time taking the pointed ends and folding them back towards the tied center. Folding waschloth for easter bunny 6. Secure with ribbon about 1/3 the way on the folded washcloth. Be sure to tie in a tight knot and leave enough ribbon to make a small bow. IMG_5802 Here is what the washcloth will look like from the front: IMG_5804 7. Gently pull the pointed ends of the washcloth to the right and left and you will form the ears of the bunny. {You can now also tie the ribbon tails into a small bow} IMG_5803 8.  Add a large white pom-pom to the back of the bunny with some hot glue for the cotton tail. Cotton tail on Washcloth Bunny 9.  Add two small white pom-poms along with one pink pom-pom for the mouth and nose.   Use two of your googly eyes so the bunny can see!  Some people think projects aren’t complete with out glitter or a bow…in my house, projects aren’t complete until you add the googly eyes! Washcloth Animal There you have it…a super cute Washcloth Bunny!  Like I mentioned above, slip an ice cube into the fold and you have yourself a “boo boo bunny” for the rest of the year!  Perfect in an Easter Basket and for when your little one has a bump or scrape! Washcloth Animal - Bunny This craft is great to make with your kids!  They will love watching a regular old washcloth turn into a bunny before their eyes!  It is also a craft that would be great for group activities because the cost is so low!  You could get at least 3 bunnies for under $3 at the dollar store!  A bag of googly eyes and pom-poms go much further than just one bunny!  Think about this for your girl scout troop or play group activity! Thanks for letting me craft with you today!  Be sure to stop over to my blog today to get a free pattern and tutorial on creating those fun carrot treat bags in the photo above!  Super cute bags to store stickers, goldfish snacks or even jelly beans! Hershey Kiss Shamrock Pretzel Bites I also shared a recipe for super simple Shamrock Pretzel Bites that would be perfect to make this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day!  They were so good I ate the entire first batch and had to make a second to get a few photos for the post!  Yep, they were that good!  You can also get my Copycat Shamrock Shake to wash them down!

Can't wait to see you again next month! Have a great and safe St. Patrick’s Day and a wonderful Easter!

And That’s What Che Said…

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  1. This is just too adorable! I always wonder how people make the animals with towels. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Nichole! It's easier than I thought too! I wonder what other animals I could make...I might just work on that!

  2. What a great idea and something fun for the kids. I know my daughter loves this type of cute crafty ideas.


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