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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Gilded Baby Shoes:.

I originally shared this post over on Simply Kierste.

We have three girls at our house, so you can imagine that along with the fun of shopping for girls, there is also a lot of hand me down action going on. Most of the time, shoes are something that don’t really last. My girls are hard on shoes, and we generally have to buy new ones with each season. But sometimes baby shoes don’t get quite as much use, and we’re able to use them again.

Gilded Baby Shoes - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

These brown shoes below are super cute, but with the upcoming warmer weather months, there’s not a lot of brown in my one year old’s wardrobe. We’ve got lots of bright colors – including some trendy neon – so I decided to turn these shoes into something more wearable for her.

Here’s what you need:
- shoes
- paint (I just used regular acrylic craft paint)
- liquid gilding (I have a Martha Stewart gilding and love it)
- paint brush

Gilded Baby Shoes - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

The floral part of these shoes is a canvas type material, so I figured it would cover up easy with the craft paint. I just began carefully painting the shoes. You could tape off the vinyl part of the shoes if you want, but liquid gilding covers really well, so I wasn’t too worried if I got a tiny bit of paint on those parts. 

Gilded Baby Shoes - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Here’s what the shoe looked like when I was done painting the canvas part.

Gilded Baby Shoes - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Next I started on the liquid gilding. It goes on smoothly and covers really well. I only needed one coat on all of the vinyl parts.

Gilded Baby Shoes - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Halfway there!

Gilded Baby Shoes - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

And done! I really couldn’t be happier with how these turned out. I love how these shoes are now updated to go with the seasons and with the clothing my baby has to wear.

Gilded Baby Shoes - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Don’t you think they look pretty perfect with this outfit?

Gilded Baby Shoes - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

So what do you think, are you going to upcycle some shoes now? 

Monday, April 29, 2013

.:Country Crock Stars:.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to have some missionaries from our church over for dinner. These young men usually leave home for two years to serve as missionaries. Can you imagine leaving your home for two years? I would have a tough time with that for sure!

Since these guys are away from home, I thought that maybe it would be nice for them to eat some nice, good comfort food. And what better comfort food is there than a home baked casserole? Casseroles are delicious, and there are so many options out there to make a casserole to your family’s liking.

I started out with this recipe from Six Sister’s Stuff for their Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole. The great thing about casseroles are that they are easy to adapt if there are certain ingredients that you would or wouldn’t like to include in your casserole.

For this recipe, instead of using butter, I used Country Crock. We are also cheese lovers at our house, so I added a layer of shredded cheese to the top of the casserole before adding the crackers on top. Cheese makes everything better, doesn’t it?


Doesn’t that look yummy? The cheese was a great addition, and the crunchy layer of crackers and Country Crock on top was just tasty; that might have been the best part!


We served the casserole with steamed veggies and rolls, and I think it’s safe to say that it was a hit! My kids even ate it, so that’s the mark of a winner in our house!


I’m thinking that next time, I might swap out the sour cream with cream cheese, and maybe use some corn flakes on top instead of the crackers. We didn’t add in the lemon juice this time, but I would like to try that as well.

Isn’t that the beauty of casseroles? Picking and choosing ways to make it yours. Easy even for those of us that maybe aren’t so cooking inclined.

Country Crock is having a contest right now and you can enter your favorite casserole for a chance to win $5,000 and a trip to NYC. Um yeah, who wouldn’t want that? Share a photo of your favorite casserole, and share in 100 words how you demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness in the kitchen.

Enter the contest here!


Do you have a favorite casserole recipe?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

.:Monday Deals:.

** Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for both of the companies mentioned in this post, which means that I do earn a percentage of any sales made from clicking on my links.

Happy Monday!

I’ve got some deals to share with you today!

Have you heard of the Dating Divas? These ladies are awesome, and love to share ways to strengthen your marriage and relationships. Sometimes, when we’re so busy with kids and schedules and just life in general, it is easy to let our relationships with our spouses take a back seat. Well, the Dating Divas have some e-books designed to help you take charge of your time with your spouses, and today they are offering one of these books for 50% off! Get the Ultimate Date Night book and get some new ideas of ways to spend time with your significant other. This is a great deal!

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Now, I’m sure most of us have heard of Pick Your Plum. Pick Your Plum is an amazing daily deal site that offers a wide variety of everything from crafting supplies to home décor to clothing.

Pick Your Plum is turning two, and to celebrate they want to offer you 20% off their already low prices! And to go along with that, Pick Your Plum is offering six different items to purchase on their site today! Bonus!


Go get shopping at Pick Your Plum!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

.:Market Yourself Monday:.

Happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! The weather here was finally gorgeous, and we were able to get outside a little bit. We built our house last year, and are trying to get our backyard in right now so that we’ll be able to enjoy it this summer. So my husband spent a lot of time working on that the past couple of days. He also had me get behind the lawnmower for the first time ever! I think he was a little bit ashamed that I had never mowed a lawn before, but now I guess I can pull my weight when it comes to yard work. It’s our first time having our own yard, and I do like taking care of it (so far).

Well, let’s see what the most viewed link from last week’s party was, shall we?

Now it’s time to share what you’ve been working on! Go ahead and link up, and then visit some of the other links!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

.:Showcase Saturday:.

I love showcasing some of the ideas that are linked up to Market Yourself Monday each week! It is seriously tough to choose! Which is super awesome!

Enjoy the features for this week, and be sure to click over to the original source if you are going to pin something!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 26, 2013

.:Easy Ideas for Super Crafting:.

Easy Ideas for Super Crafting

Hi Sumos sweet fans. I am Eva Stephen, today’s proud guest at Sumos sweet blog :). Today I am going to share couple of easy and fun craft projects you can use for home decor or present to your dear ones on special occasions. You don’t need to learn any special skills to do these projects, you can do it at any good day. All you need are a little creative sense and a good partner. I’d love your comments below.

Crafting is deeply satisfying to creative people, enabling them to take raw materials and imagination and come up with delightful and inspirational ideas for décor or gifts. Sadly, a large proportion of us have the desire to create beautiful things, but are somewhat lacking in the talent department, frequently ending up with slightly sad-looking, lumpy creations that we are not completely happy with. Do not despair if you fall into this category, there are many wonderful craft ideas that are surprisingly easy yet look simply fabulous when completed!

Interesting uses for wine bottle corks!

If you are a keen oenophile and have an astonishing collection of corks building up – too useful and exciting looking to throw away – you can make an excellent addition to your kitchen. A notice board of wine corks looks excitingly textured and gives a homely air to the room. The addition of a handful of brightly topped push-pins means that you have an instant communication hub for the whole family! Find the pattern of corks that best suits you, purchase a large frame from a car boot sale or charity shop, and you are away!

Paper and paste: Paper Mache creations

Paper mache is an excellent way to use up a pile of old newspapers. For truly home-made creations you can even use flour and water glue to bind the long soggy strips of newsprint, or you can buy ready-to-use paper paste from arts and crafts shops. DickBlick is one of the place to buy paper mache or you can prepare it yourself. For unusual craft ideas paper mache is hard to beat, being versatile and cheap. One wonderful project is to blow up a couple of round balloons and tie them securely.

Thickly cover the inflated balloons with an even layer of papir mache, being careful to leave a small area uncovered. Once the newspaper has dried hard, pop the balloon and remove the rubber fragments from inside the shell. These shells can be crafted in model hot air balloons, to cruise serenely against the ceiling of a child's bedroom or formed into elegant vases or cheerful pen pots, which look fabulous on a table or desk such as those available from shop4furniture website. You can even use paper mache to make a very specific piece to fit into an unusual corner of a room, especially if it is something you have unsuccessfully been looking for at car boot sales! Paper mache items can be rendered water resistant with a layer of varnish, making them easy to wipe clean periodically.

Stunning Silhouettes: Unique portraits of your family

We look to capture every change in our children and parents tend to have hundreds of photos, most of them stored on computer drives or discs. Printing photographs can be expensive and seldom achieve the impact or intensity that we would like them to, and taking the family to a professional photographer can be a pricy business. Make a silhouette picture of your family and create an amazingly professional portrait that has a delightful old-world air. All you need is a bright, adjustable angle poise lamp and a vertical drawing board.

Sit your child – or partner – close to the board and aim the beam of the light so their profile falls squarely onto the paper. Taking care to not block out the light quickly and carefully draw around the profile onto the paper, being careful to include any adorable hair curls and tufts. Take the picture and carefully cut it out or trace it directly onto a piece of black card. Once you have the black profile cut out you can mount it onto a brightly coloured background, or create a very simple yet elegant effect by mounting it on a white background. Glue the profile into place and frame the picture. You will be amazed at the artistic effect that this very easy, simple and quick process can create!

 These are some surprisingly easy projects that result in beautiful objects that will make perfect gifts or additions to your own home. Do not let a perceived lack of technical skill stop you from creating beautiful and thought-provoking pieces of art!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

.:Cricut Fashion Show–Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets:.

** Disclaimer: The supplies used in this post were provided to me for being an affiliate with Cricut. The thoughts and opinions are my own. You will love this product!

As soon as I heard that we would need to make something wearable using the Cricut iron on transfer, I knew exactly what I wanted to make for my girls: Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Stinking cute, right?

I got the idea when I saw my friend’s daughter sitting at church in a dress that was a t-shirt with a ruffle fabric skirt attached. From where we were sitting, it looked like she was wearing a little jacket, and I knew that my girls needed jackets like that. Perfect for spring and the in between weather; just a little something to throw on over a shirt or a dress.

I thought the iron on transfer would be perfect for adding a little monogram to the front of each of the jackets. I love monograms!

Here’s what you need to make some of jackets of your own:

- t-shirt (can be long or short sleeved, great project for a shirt that’s become too short!)
- ruffle fabric
- sewing machine/accessories
- fabric marker
- iron

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Start off by chopping off the bottom of the shirt. I took four inches off of the shirts for my girls; it’s really a personal preference on how long you want the jackets, and how many ruffles you want to add.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Now fold the shirt exactly in half, to the back. Mark where the middle is with a fabric marker. Mine is erasable ink that will fade over time, but for this, it doesn’t matter if it’s something that erases or not; you’ll be getting rid of the part where the mark is in the next couple of steps.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Open up the shirt and use a ruler to draw a straight line right down the middle of the shirt.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Cut right up the line.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Fold in each open side of the shirt about an inch and hem it.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Cut the ruffle fabric to the length that you want. I was using one inch ruffle fabric, and made the fabric about an inch longer than what I had cut off from the shirt. Be sure to leave some of the extra fabric above the ruffle for attaching to the shirt.

To cut the width, measure the bottom edge of the shirt and double that measurement.

Sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the ruffle fabric. Set your stitch length to the longest length, and don’t back stitch at the beginning or end.

Find the middle of the bottom edge of the shirt, and the middle of the ruffle fabric. Pin at the middle with right sides facing.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Gather the ruffle fabric evenly on each side and pin in place.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Sew the shirt and ruffle fabric together. You don’t need to finish the edges since they are both knit fabrics, but I like to serge mine for a nicer look.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

You can top stitch along the edge where the shirt and fabric meet if you want, but I left mine as is so that it would be a little more full of a ruffle. Isn’t it looking super cute??

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Now it’s time to make a buttonhole. I love button holes! I measured down about four and a half inches from the neckline of the shirt and mark it with your fabric marker.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Sew the buttonhole where your mark is. This will vary with your machine.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Hand sew a button on the other side, lined up with the button hole.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Looking good so far!

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Now it’s monogram time. Open up Cricut Craft Room. I searched for monograms and picked the one I liked. I sized them how I wanted them. Be sure to flip the image if it is a directional graphic!

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

The iron on transfer will come with instructions on the settings for the kiss cut for your particular machine. You want your machine to cut through the heat transfer, but not through the clear liner.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Place the heat transfer on the mat with the liner facing down and cut away!

Peel up the negative space,

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

and position your monogram where you’d like it placed on the jacket.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Iron it in place and peel up the liner slowly.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

That’s it! Do you love it?

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

I love the extra touch of the glitter with the monogram. Perfect for my girly girls!

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

My girls all loved wearing these and spinning around in them.

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Flouncy ruffles, sparkly monogram….that’s a win in my book!

Monogrammed Ruffle Jackets - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

If you want to try out the iron on heat transfer, Cricut is running a special for you right now!

You can purchase a bundle of three rolls of the iron on heat transfer for just $34.99 if you already have a machine!

But if you are in need of a machine, Cricut has a bundle for you, too! Get three rolls of iron on heat transfer, Cricut Expression Machine, and a Cricut tool kit for $199.99! That is a STEAL! Go get your bundle so you can get started creating!