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Monday, April 22, 2013

.:The Color Run:.

** Disclaimer: I am receiving free race registration in exchange for writing this post. But I would have shared it with you anyway; I think fitness is really important and can be fun! **

Fitness is important to me.

Now, you may not know it by looking at me, but I do work out pretty regularly; at least three times a week, if not more. You’ve probably heard me talk about Zumba and how much I love it (and the music), or about how weights kicks my bum every single time I go. But the truth is, I love to go to those classes, and love how I feel afterwards; even if it means I will barely be able to walk for the next day or two.

Something that really helps me to enjoy exercising is whether or not it is fun. If it is fun, then I am more likely to continue with it. Zumba is super fun because I love the music, and I also enjoy laughing at how ridiculous I probably look (I’m not a dancer). Even though doing my weights class is hard – and I mean hard – the music is upbeat, and helps me to enjoy it a bit more.

So I am excited to share a fun opportunity with you today that is totally fitness related: The Color Run.


The Color Run is coming to Salt Lake this August – August 24th to be exact. And if you are local, you won’t want to miss out! The Color Run has been called the “happiest 5k on the planet”. It is a race that is less about your time and being first, and more about having fun and promoting health and wellness. One of the main rules is to start the race with a white shirt, and by the end of the race you will have a multi colored shirt – along with all of the rest of you as well! Runners are doused with color throughout the race, with a big burst at the end. I don’t know, it sounds pretty fun to me! 


Isn’t that pretty?

You can race on your own, or with a team; it is up to you! The most important part is that you come and have some fun while getting some exercise in. Totally do-able, right?


I’m excited to share a special promo code with you to take $5 off of your registration fee. If you sign up as a group, it will take an additional $5 off. The code is: COLORSUMO.


The promo code won’t guarantee you a spot in the race, so you’ll want to register soon if you want to secure your spot! You are welcome to share the code with anyone you know who would like to participate, but it will only work for the Salt Lake Color Run.

Will I see you there?


  1. My daughter and I are registered for the one here in Columbus, OH in June. We're pretty excited.

  2. We did The Color Run in Orlando. So much fun!!!! I would do it again!

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  4. I did the one in Louisville last year, it was a blast!!

  5. I just did this for the first time this past Saturday here in Mobile, AL. It was soooooo much fun!!! I plan on doing it every year!


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