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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

.:Vistaprint Deals:.

** Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post, but the thoughts and opinions are my own. **

Chances are at some point you are going to be in need of some printed goods. Invitations are always at the top of my list, along with business cards, and of course, who doesn’t love a good personalized gift?

Enter Vistaprint Deals. Vistaprint Deals provides links to great deals on Vistaprint products, which will have you covered for whatever you need.

I’ve ordered from Vistaprint in the past, and I wish I had known of Vistaprint Deals at the time. Not only is there a link right now to a fabulous deal on business cards (50% off – score!), but there is also a deal of the day that offers a percentage off AND free shipping. How great would that be? If you’re heading to SNAP next week like me, you might wanna get on that!

We just had a birthday at our house a couple of weeks ago – my middle daughter turned three – and once again, Vistaprint Deals would have been a great resource. I could have ordered invitations for 50% off! When planning a party, any way that you can save is that much more you can put towards other items for the party. Or the best part of the party – the presents!

A few months ago, I got a new to me iPhone, and Vistaprint Deals is showing a deal for a personalized iPhone case. I always love seeing the fun cases that people have, and now I have access to a way to get one for myself at a great price! Awesome! Come to think of it, this might make a great gift for some of my friends who have birthdays coming up.

I’m just scratching the surface with the few deals that I’ve shared. Vistaprint Deals offers many more, and I bet you’ll be surprised to see how many different ways you could take advantage of them! Go check out the great offers now!


  1. I need to get some cards ordered! I will take advantage of this offer. Thanks for sharing :) Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  2. Hi Sumo. I love Vistaprint and have used them for years for free business cards and labels. I usually get my business cards for free and just pay the shipping (about $5).

    Here is a link for free Vistaprint business cards:


    Hope this helps your readers!


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