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Monday, April 15, 2013

.:Your Photo Studio Review:.

** Disclaimer: I was provided a free session in exchange for writing this blog post. However, the thoughts and opinions are my own. I totally loved it! **

Pictures are everywhere. We love taking and sharing pictures on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and with our family and friends. It’s fun to share in the everyday moments that we have with our kids and families, but sometimes we like to sit down for some more formal pictures.

Well, at least as formal as you can get if you have little kids like us.

Here in Utah, there’s a new photo studio in town: Your Photo Studio.

Your Photo Studio is a unique, new studio with a twist: you provide your own photographer. You pay a session fee to go use the studio, which is full of various backdrops, props, furniture, and professional lighting. Bring your own camera or someone who knows their way around with a camera, and you get to be in charge of your own photo shoot!

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out this new photo studio with my girls. We are about due for some updated pictures, so it came along at the perfect time!

Luckily, I am pretty tight with the photographers at Your Vantage Photography, so I had them come along to take the pictures for me.

Your Photo Studio is located in Midvale, UT inside the Quilted Bear. We checked in and got the key from the front desk. We let ourselves into the studio, and then we got busy taking pictures.

This little black table and chairs was about the only way I could get my one year old to be involved in the pictures. She loves little chairs and sitting in them, so this held her attention for long enough for us to get this shot.


There was a cute little tea set, which, as you can imagine, was a hit with my girly girls.


My four year old loves to have her picture taken. Can you tell?


I was really impressed with the variety of furniture that Your Photo Studio has. There were tons of options, and we were sure to take advantage of them. This teal chair was so neat – the color and the shape!


My three year old doesn’t normally like to have her picture taken. But this rocking horse was rocking her world!


As I said above, my one year old was not super impressed with taking pictures, but we did get her to at least sit still and look in our direction with this chair.


We tried to get the girls to all stand together, but this is what we got. Two out of three isn’t bad, right?


We didn’t use many of the props, but Your Photo Studio offers all sorts of fun things: different colors of minky blankets, baskets, vintage suitcases, banners, chalkboards – there were seriously so many options! We stuck with one backdrop so that we didn’t end up losing the kids’ focus mid-shoot, but there were plenty of other options had we wanted to mix it up.

This is such a great idea if you are looking to cut down on your picture taking cost. It’s also a great resource for photographers who might not have their own studio space.

I was really pleased with our experience, and will definitely be utilizing this great resource again in the future! If you are a Utah local, get on over to Your Photo Studio and book your session!

And because no photo shoot ever goes perfectly (well, at least not for us) enjoy this outtake of our kids with their two cousins.



  1. My favorite was the one with your two older girls sipping their tea and your little one looking at them. She has such a sweet look on her face and they are obviously enjoying themselves.

    What a fun concept for a studio.

  2. Your kids are adorable! What a fun idea for a business.

  3. Great photographer! Great studio! Beautiful kiddies!


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