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Monday, May 20, 2013

.:Shoe Dazzle:.

** Disclaimer: ShoeDazzle is sponsoring this post. But I wouldn’t share if I didn’t think it was something you might enjoy!

So I think by now, you all know that I’m a mom. (To three beautiful, amazing girls, but that’s besides the point).

Now as most of you mommies out there know, being a mom is not always the most glamorous. There are times when we are in jammies all day, and we call it a success if everyone gets fed all day long. There are times when we’re tired from sick kids being up during the night, and we end up in sweats all day long. Okay, who am I kidding? If I’m home at all during the day, chances are I’ll be in my comfy stretchy pants. Just being honest!

So the idea that there is a resource out there to help me stay up to date on the latest trends and fashion is pretty darn appealing. I’m no fashionista myself; I’ve never really claimed to be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look nice on those occasions that I’m able to get dressed up a bit better than my normal sweat pants look.

Whether it’s a night out with my friends, or a date night with my husband, I’m glad to have ShoeDazzle to keep me – and my fashion – in check.


ShoeDazzle offers this amazing service. To join, you take a really fun quiz so ShoeDazzle can get to know your style. Based on the results of the quiz, ShoeDazzle gives you your first showroom of shoes and handbags they think you’ll love. At the beginning of every month you will receive a new selection that fits your individual style, and as new styles get added to the site throughout the month, they continue to tailor your personalized recommendations! I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot easier than me trying to figure out if I know what I’m doing in the fashion department.

Would you like to see some of the picks that are being featured in my showroom from my quiz?

I thought so.

I absolutely adore this Trieste sandal that was picked for me. I am all about comfort in the summertime, so a nice flat sandal is my cup of tea. I love the metallic strap to give the sandal a bit more flair. These sandals could go with just about any outfit, dressed up or down!

This Gabriella sandal is another top pick for me! I love the little bit of bling that makes me feel a little bit more dressed up. I would totally feel comfortable wearing these to the park with my kids, or out for the evening with my friends or husband. I could even get away with wearing them to church!

Now I don’t only wear flats. But I’m also not a super high heel sort of gal. So this Lia wedge sandal is the perfect mix of sandal and heel. It gives me a bit of height, but in a way that is comfortable for me and my feet!

Like I said above, I’m more of a wedge gal if I’m going to get a little height with my shoes. I’m thinking this Liu shoe would be a very happy addition to my wardrobe!

ShoeDazzle doesn’t just offer shoes. There are purses and handbags, too! This Tisdale purse sports a little bit of bling, and I love the pale pink color.

And I’m totally loving the bright colors of this Broni bag. Plus it’s big enough that I can haul around all of the stuff that my little kids need, and still look stylish while doing so. Double score!

ShoeDazzle offers amazing prices on all of the items that they carry. And that’s not all. Every day, a brand new, on-trend shoe is released on the site. ShoeDazzle tells you why it’s hot and why you have to have it. It’s sold for one-day only pricing with free shipping (Reduced shipping for non-contiguous US)!

Take the ShoeDazzle quiz to gain access to your showroom with personalized picks just for you. Make a purchase within 2 days of taking the quiz and get 25% off your first item ordered! That’s a great deal!

So go ahead and click over to ShoeDazzle to find out more about your personal style, and get access to some incredible deals. With summer coming up, you’ll be ready for all of your vacations, BBQ’s, and date nights!


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