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Monday, May 13, 2013


I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I attended SNAP here in Utah at Thanksgiving Point. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I was bombing up my feed (along with most every other blogger) with pictures of my fun.

photo (4)

I was graciously given the opportunity to be a volunteer at SNAP this year, and I was so grateful to have been able to do this. It even helped me get a workout in one of the days hauling around the amazing swag bags that everyone got!

photo_1 (4)

I’ve only been to a couple of conferences ever, and I often leave them feeling empowered and overwhelmed all at the same time. There are so so many things that I could be – and should be – doing better. It is great to have some of that information really broken down to help me take some steps to improve things for my blog, which I hope, in turn improves things for all of you! But at the same time, things are constantly changing and growing, which means that I am in a constant state of trying to catch up.

photo_2 (4)

One of the best classes I went to was about balancing your time and your blog. We were taught to set certain times for whatever it is you are doing: blogging, creating, editing pictures, responding to emails, etc. and stick to those time constraints. When the time is up, it’s up. I think the best quote was, “Be purposeful with your time.” Along with that is the need to be realistic. Guess what? I have three very young children. And there’s a good chance that there will someday be at least one more (not an announcement). I’m not at a place in my life that I’m able to maybe commit as much time to my blogging and creating as others. We all have our challenges and we all have our real lives that keep us busy; the key is knowing your limits, knowing what you can handle, and knowing what you can expect from yourself.

photo_3 (3)

I think I’ve always known that, but sometimes it’s nice to hear from someone else that it’s okay, and it’s good to be content with where you are at. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking for ways to improve and setting goals; those are important things – not just in blogging, but in every aspect of our lives! But learn to accept where you are, and know that it may not always be that way and it’s okay. Right?

photo_4 (3)

Of course, blogging conferences aren’t just about classes and learning. It’s about networking, and having fun with friends – new and old! I feel so blessed for the opportunities that blogging has given me. I’ve met amazing women from all over the country – even from different parts of the world even – and it is so amazing to come together and feel connected instantly. My friends and family often don’t quite know what to talk about when I start geeking out over blogging stuff because it’s not their thing. Which is totally fine. They still love me and still support me, but it’s also wonderful to be around others who get me.

photo_5 (3)

Blogging can be about creating, it can be about monetizing, it can be about all sorts of other things, but at the end of the day, it’s the relationships that really make it worth it. The relationships with YOU, and the relationships among each other.

photo_6 (2)

photo_7 (2)

So thank you for reading, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share and learn and grow with you!


  1. This just made me so happy. I loved following along on Instagram and it just seemed like such an enlightening and FUN conference for DIY bloggers. I think I will have to save up and fly out from PA for Snap 2014!

  2. Summer, you're such a delight. I am so glad you were able to come to SNAP! this year. xoxo, T.

  3. It looks like you had a great time! I went to a blogger convention last year but didn't know a soul so I was a little intimidated by all the people who knew each other. It looks like you fit right in, which is great! :-)


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