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Thursday, May 2, 2013

.:Teacher Appreciation Chalkboard Gift Tags - Spool and Spoon:.

I'm oh so glad to be back with all of you today! It feels like it's been forever since I shared my Rainy Day Printables in April. Can you believe it's already May?? Next Tuesday (May 7th) will be Teacher Appreciation Day and not so far in the future, the school year will be coming to a close. Soon, you'll need to come up with a nice thank you for the wonderful men and women who shaped your little ones over the past year. If that wasn't inspiration enough for this month's printable, then I don't know what was. Take a look at these adorable Chalkboard Gift Tags that are perfect for expressing appreciation to your fave teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag Printable by www.spoolandspoonblog.com

The best teacher gifts are thoughtful, useful, and inexpensive. With these tags you have some easy gift options! Simply save the full size image to your computer and print out on a normal sized sheet of cardstock or regular printer paper. 

Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag Printable by www.spoolandspoonblog.com

"You are a TEA-riffic teacher!"
Fill a mug with tea bags and tie the tag onto the handle
Slip the tag into a pitcher with the fixings for your favorite iced tea
Box together some fancy teas, lemon, and honey

Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag Printable "You are a TEA-rrific Teacher" by www.spoolandspoonblog.com

"You were a CUP O' CHEER this year"
Fill a cup with school supplies: pencils, erasers, art supplies, etc.
Tie the tag onto a set of specialty measuring cups
Let the kids personalize a mug or thermos
Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag Printable "You were a CUP O' CHEER this year"  by www.spoolandspoonblog.com

"Thanks a LATTE for all you do"
Fill a mug to the brim with K-Cups and affix the tag to some ribbon
Gift a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card
Donate a bag of freshly ground coffee for the teacher's breakroom
Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag Printable "Thanks a LATTE for all you do" by www.spoolandspoonblog.com

Feel free to stop by Spool and Spoon to check out some of my other DIY gift ideas! 

Enjoy the rest of your month and I'll see you back here in June, if I don't see you in my parts first!

Jess is a crafty semi-newlywed living with her husband and two fur babies in a little townhouse outside of Philadelphia. She started Spool and Spoon in 2012 to document her creative endeavors and to counterbalance her day job as a corporate recruiter. Jess is a DIY girl through and through; she'd prefer her camera, sketchbook, and sewing machine over most anything else. Throughout any given week, you can find a mashup of printablestutorials, and recipes on her blog. Check it out!


  1. They're great! Love the colors and background! They will make one happy teacher, for sure!

  2. I am a teacher and I would love to receive one of these thoughtful gifts, especially the owl mug!

    Michelle. thebashfulnest.blogspot.com

  3. Love these! They're perfect year-round and I WILL be using them. Pinned.


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