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Monday, June 10, 2013

.:Father's Day Giveaway:.

Wow, have I got an amazing giveaway for you today! But since I've been out of town, I wasn't able to get the post up until this morning and it runs through the 13th - which is in just a few days! So be sure to enter! This giveaway is amazing, and valued at over $1000!

One incredibly luck winner is going to win:

- Father's Day Cricut Bundle - including one year of free access to Cricut Craft Room's over 37,000 images
- Ubooly - an interactive toy that works with your smart phone + $100 Ubooly Lab Credit
- Camcorder from FamilyShare.com with 16 GB of internal memory, 70x zoom,  3.0" touch screen

Wanna win that? Yeah, I thought you might. 

Here's a little bit of information for you on some of these amazing products and companies:

FamilyShare.com is a site designed to provide tools to strengthen families worldwide. Filled with practical solutions from real people, FamilyShare.com can be your go-to guide for a stronger, more loving family. Whether you want to ask a question or help others find a solution, you can find and share tips on parenting, home, health, vacations, love, and all things family.

When we first created Ubooly we wanted to provide children with an interactive & engaging toy that would be both entertaining & educational. As children everywhere are falling in love with their new pet, now it's time for the parents to play. With Ubooly Lab the parent now has full control of customizing their child's playtime! We'd love for you to dive into the Ubooly Lab experience and write personal posts on how you & your child engage with the new features. 

·  Ubooly will know their child's name, like the same: colors, interests, food, hobbies etc.
·  By purchasing credits parents will be able to unlock Educational, Interest, and Helper packs. 
o Educational Packs: Our Lesson packs are created on a 5 day schedule, and keep parents in the loop with progress reports
o Interest Packs: Our interest packs are full of fun facts of trivia to get your child excited about specific topics.
o Fitness & Helper Packs: Ubooly will also help with personal growth & create healthy habits through the Fitness and Helper packs.
·  Content packs are all designed to be age appropriate for different age ranges (3-9)
·  Content packs are written by a large team of elementary teachers & comedians 

Go ahead and use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Don't miss out on your chance to win this amazing bundle!

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  1. What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!

  2. My dad is a man of few words. He would give you the shirt off of his back though.

  3. Hi! My husband is a great dad and is always playing with the kids! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  4. Thanks for the chance to win! My husband is always trying to spend quality time with the kids and show them how much he loves me to give them security and show how a mom and dad should act/live.

  5. My dad is awesome!He is the life of the party! My sons love spending time with him!

  6. My Dad is phenomenal. Because my parents were divorced I didn't get to see him all the time. For most of my life he lived in Europe. He took me all over. I've been to over 16 different countries, experienced fabulous food, and that is all because of him. He bought me my own windsurfing board, took me for long drives on his Harley, and treated me to Strawberry Shortcakes bigger than me just because. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I know me and my boys would have great fun making projects for Grandpa and their Dad :) Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  7. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful hop!

    Love your blog and am now a follower... Thx for an awesome spot to gather and share! Grabbed your button and looking fwd to seeing more from your blog....

    God bless

  8. my fun dad is in the hospital...and after almost two months, and being able to do almost nothing for himself (including having food or liquids), this strong independent man still smiles at the grandkids who come to see their papa...and although he can have some cranky moments (understandable with his frustration), he still manages to crack some jokes and wink at you. love that man!!!

  9. My Dad is the coolest person in my life. He hardly ever gets mad. He loses his cool but when he does (I have seen him losing his temper only twice in 27 years) it's a storm! No matter what the situation is, he always stands tall and never complains about anything. He'll go miles for his two daughters.

    He met with a major accident about a decade back. One of his legs was fractured badly. Everybody who saw him skipped a heart beat. He smiled through it all, inspite of all the stitches on his face only to make us feel better. That's my dad!

    He's about to undergo a surgery. I know, he's strong enough to walk through it with ease. I know he'll recover. His strength and our prayers will sail him through.

  10. My dad was a great dad! He worked hard all week long and would spend the weekends with us, hiking, picnicing, Sunday drives, sled riding.

  11. My Dad was really goofy when we were growing up. He'd always make us laugh.


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