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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

.:BBQ Success with Kleenex Hand Towels:.

As you know, we were preparing to have company over this past weekend for a BBQ. We were excited to have my brother and his family over for a nice Sunday evening together. The girls hadn’t seen their cousins in awhile, and we were hoping to be able to play some games. It was raining off and on throughout the day on Sunday, so we decided that even though we were grilling, we would bring dinner inside. The temperature would have been perfect outside, but my little Harper loves to play in the dirt, which would have actually been mud after the rain, so inside was less messy!


The kids loved sitting up to their own little table. We just put Harper’s high chair directly on the floor so she could ‘sit’ with the kids, and leave the table to the adults.


We had quite the feast! I made up some shrimp and chicken skewers with a honey lime marinade. My husband is crazy and doesn’t like shrimp, but that just meant more for the rest of us!


We grilled up some pineapple as well, and enjoyed that with some roasted corn and homemade salsa.


It was a good spread, and our stomachs were all pretty happy when we were done.


All of this food can be pretty messy for little kids, so after dinner we did a mass wash up. The Kleenex Hand Towels were perfect for all of the little hands!


I really loved that I didn’t need to worry about a regular hand towel getting completely soaked by multiple hands using it, and likely ending up on the floor. You know how kids are! The Kleenex Hand Towels were really efficient for our group!


What sort of event would you use Kleenex Hand Towels for? Do you have anything coming up? Or would you just use them for regular, everyday bathroom use?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

.:Otter Pops - A Summer Staple:.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jel Sert for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Otter Pops are a summer staple. I remember eating them growing up, and now my kids love to enjoy Otter Pops just as much! Something about Otter Pops just says summertime, and we’ve been enjoying them plenty with the hot weather we’ve had here in Utah this year. You can often find us in the back yard in the evening, enjoying an Otter Pop (or two!) before putting the kids to bed.



My kids love to pick out what flavor they are going to have. As soon as I tell them we are going to have an Otter Pop, they all go right to the freezer drawer, pull it out, and start fishing around for which flavor they want. The Otter Pops each have a character assigned to each flavor. It’s no surprise that my girls tend to favor the pink and red colored Otter Pops; we are a house full of girls after all! But when I introduced them to the Otter Popstars on the internet, the favorite characters were Kook and Lil; the girls! We had fun looking at the Otter Popstars, and watching some of the fun music videos.


We decided to have some creative fun with our Otter Pops. Have you ever painted with Otter Pops? Here’s what you’d need:


- Otter Pops

- paintbrushes

- ice cube mold (or some sort of tray)

- paper



We let the Otter Pops thaw on the counter for a bit.



Then I poured the melted Otter Pops into the ice cube mold.



Then it was time to get creative! The girls each picked a picture out of a coloring book, and painted them with the Otter Pops.


The colors didn’t show up super dark, but the girls thought it was such a novelty to be painting with one of their favorite treats!

Of course, after painting with the Otter Pops, we had to go outside and enjoy eating some as well.


What about you? Does your family like to enjoy Otter Pops?


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.:Tutorial Tuesday–Chore Board:.

My girls are pretty young, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t and shouldn’t be contributing to the chores around our house! There are basic things that they are responsible for doing every day, and I knew it would be fun for them to have a visual reminder and tracking of their chores. So I decided to make them a little chore board.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

I had the help of my wonderful affiliates and sponsors, Cricut & Vinyl Outlet, to do the job! Here’s what you need to get started:

- frame
- vinyl (Vinyl Outlet has an amazing selection! So many options!)
- transfer tape
- liquid gilding
- paintbrush
- painter’s tape (not pictured)
- Sharpie
- tissue paper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, etc. for background of frame (not pictured)
- ruler

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Now, this frame is perfectly fine. But my husband and I don’t really use brown in our decorating, and this will probably be hanging in my girls’ room, which also has no brown. So I needed to change it. If you’ve got a frame that you can just use without altering, more power to ya! I didn’t, so I went ahead and taped the edges of the frame so that I could cover up the brown parts. Then I gave the brown part a couple of coats of liquid gilding. I took the glass out before using the gilding. (Accept my apologies for the blurry picture. My camera was struggling that day! We’ve got a new one now, so hopefully no more of that!)

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Set the frame aside to dry. Before I had taken the glass out, I had traced – with a dry erase marker - where the frame hit on the glass to know where the vinyl would be able to go, and how much room I had to work with. Then I measured and marked, using dots first.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Then I used a ruler to draw the lines with the Sharpie.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

You can erase the dry erase lines now; just be careful, dry erase marker is a great way to remove Sharpie from glass! Learned that little trick when I was teaching!

Now it’s time to get busy designing in the Cricut software – Cricut Craft Room. I figured words and pictures would be would be great for my pre-K gals. I kept the wording simple, but what I used was: bed (making beds in the morning & getting beds ready at night), brush (teeth, morning & night), dishes (setting table & clearing table), clothes (putting jammies away, getting dressed, putting clothes in dirty clothes), and toys (cleaning up throughout the day). I measured the frame, and figured out how much space I would have for the names across the top, and the chores down the side and made my designs to fit.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Since Vinyl Outlet has so many fun sparkly vinyls, I knew my girls would love them all. So I cut pieces of vinyl to the sizes I needed, and used the marks on the cutting mat to figure out where to put them to match up to my design.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Set the Cricut machine to vinyl, change the settings on the machine, and cut away! When done cutting, remove the negative space from the vinyl.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Place transfer tape over each design and rub over it hard so that the vinyl will stick to the transfer tape.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Start placing the vinyl! Peel up the transfer tape from the vinyl backing; the vinyl should stick to it. If it doesn’t, place it back down and rub it a few more times. Place the vinyl where you would like it to go.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Slowly peel up the transfer tape. Same thing; if the vinyl comes back up, put the transfer tape back down and rub it a few more times.

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Looking good!

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

Put the glass back in the frame, put some paper back in, and it’s time to start marking chores!

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

This one was super excited to start marking down her chores! What chores do you have your kids do?

Chore Board - Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Easy system for young children!

If you are thinking of doing a vinyl project, be sure to consider Vinyl Outlet! The selection and quality is amazing! Be sure to grab the code from my sidebar for a discount! You can check out my arrow tanks here to see another project made with Vinyl Outlet products.

Monday, July 29, 2013

.:Giveaway Winner - Albion Fit:.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

.:Market Yourself Monday:.

Happy Sunday!

Have you had a nice weekend? We were able to get away with some friends of ours – kidless even! – and spend a couple of days up at Park City. It was wonderful to go to movies, eat out, hot tub, and basically do whatever we wanted! Oh, and sleep in. That was pretty nice, too. But, as it usually goes with moms, I missed my kiddos and was happy to get back to them. (Until Harper started crying and throwing a tantrum about an hour after we got home; then I was ready to go back).

I hope you’re all ready to share your goodness for another week! The most viewed link from last week’s party was:

Now go ahead and link up what you’ve been working on lately! Remember, to get featured in my Showcase Saturday post, you need to be linking back to here!

Get your link on!

.:Giveaway Winners:.

I'm announcing both the winner of the $25 Target gift card and the box of Kleenex Hand Towels today. Check out the widgets below to see if it was you! 


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Saturday, July 27, 2013

.:Showcase Saturday:.

Happy Weekend!

I'm up in Park City, enjoying some lovely kid-free time with my husband. I hope your weekend is equally as lovely! 

Enjoy the features from this week's party, and be sure to click over to the original link before you pin!

DIY gold-dipped mirror frame. This is the best beginner's DIY project ever, and the tutorial is geared for beginners! An upgrade to that cheap full-length mirror we all have. www.prettyprovidence.com

Craigslist dresser plus chateau gray annie sloan chalk paint

Cowboy Caviar

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Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 26, 2013

.:BBQ Prep with Kleenex Hand Towels:.

This weekend we are planning to have my brother and his family over. We have really enjoyed having our backyard in, and love to entertain! Plus, it’s family time, and our kids love getting some cousin time in. We also got our fence finished this week, so now we can really cage the kids in. I know all of you fellow parents understand!

Since moving into a larger house, and being able to entertain more easily, I’ve started to collect some more things to make it easier for that to happen. It should make having people over this weekend much easier. I picked up these melamine plates a few weeks ago, and we’ve already had multiples uses out of them. I love the bright colors and the bold design. Plus it just makes more sense to use something like this when we are entertaining outside; no use risking broken dishes, right?

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - BBQ Prep with Kleenex Hand Towels #CleanHands #CGC

Another thing to think about when we are hanging out in the backyard are the bugs. Mosquitos are out and about, and I’d much prefer they stay away from us! I was able to snag this citronella candles on end of summer clearance, and I love that the colors match my plates!

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - BBQ Prep with Kleenex Hand Towels #CleanHands #CGC

I kind of a have thing for platters, so when I found this one, I knew it would work great for entertaining. I love the handles on it, and I think it will work wonderfully for helping to transport things from inside the house out to the back patio.

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - BBQ Prep with Kleenex Hand Towels #CleanHands #CGC

Aside from the dinnerware basics, there are the guests to think about. We’ve got a bunch of little kids in both of our families, which means that there are trips to the bathroom. With more people come more germs. And let’s face it; little kids aren’t really being all that careful where they put the towel when they are done washing their hands. Half the time it ends up on the counter or the floor. Not really the best place for it to be when you’re wanting to keep your hands clean; especially when the towel is getting damp and more prone to germs. I’m anxious to give these Kleenex Hand Towels a try with our guests. I’m pretty sure the kids will love being able to get their own towel to take care of themselves, and I won’t have to worry that the hand towel is getting too trashed.

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - BBQ Prep with Kleenex Hand Towels #CleanHands #CGC

I love the dark gray of this Kleenex box. It totally ties in with the colors of my bathroom, so it fits the d├ęcor easily. The towels are also made of strong fibers that allow you to not only dry your hands, but do some secondary clean up around the sink if needed. I don’t know about your kids, but mine seem to get water just about everywhere on the counter when washing their hands!

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - BBQ Prep with Kleenex Hand Towels #CleanHands #CGC

I can’t wait to share more with you about how our BBQ goes next week. I'm thinking of maybe hanging some lights outside; I love the ambiance that can create.

The only thing left for me to plan is the menu! What is your favorite meal to serve at a BBQ?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

.:Homemade EASY Salsa:.

This salsa is seriously delicious. And even better, it’s easy to make.

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Homemade easy salsa; everyone loves this! #recipe

Here’s what you need:

- two cans stewed tomatoes (we prefer canned tomatoes to the fresh; for some reason they just taste better!)
- 1 bunch of cilantro
- 1-2 jalapenos
- 1 can green chiles
- minced garlic (or fresh if you have it!)
- garlic salt
- onion (optional; we’re not onion fans around here)

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Homemade easy salsa; everyone loves this! #recipe

All you have to do is gather up your ingredients, dump them in the blender, and blend them up. Okay, I do chop the cilantro and jalapenos first, but that doesn’t take too long!

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Homemade easy salsa; everyone loves this! #recipe

Then you’ve got a tasty, not chunky salsa that everyone will love; my three girls even love this!

Sumo's Sweet Stuff - Homemade easy salsa; everyone loves this! #recipe


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

.:Huggies Slip On Diapers & Target Gift Card Giveaway:.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Huggies, but all my opinions are my own. #HuggiesSlipOn #pmedia http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

Meet Harper. 20 months old, cutest dimple around, tiny ball of energy. But don’t let her cuteness deceive you; this one is a handful these days!


Let me give you a little sneak peek into how my one year old is behaving these days.

Yeah. She is pretty much crazy. Constantly on the go would probably be the best phrase to describe her. One of Harper’s favorite things to do at the moment is run away and be chased. She thinks it is absolutely hilarious to run in the opposite direction when you are trying to get her to come to you. Not so funny in parking lots! She also really enjoys some good laps around our kitchen island.

So I’m sure you can imagine how diaper changes go. They usually involve a chase, just to get her up on to the changing table,


followed by thrashing,


and rolling around,


all while giggling hysterically,


and me finally having to basically pin her down the best I can with one hand/arm while I do the diaper change with the other. Hey, as moms, we know all about multi tasking, right?
Thanks goodness for Huggies Slip On Diapers.

These are much easier to slip on my thrashing, rolling baby than attempting to get a diaper wrapped around her sides in a way that is comfortable. And not only that, they are super simple to take off! These diapers come with tabs on the sides, which you can just un-do, and then roll the diaper up easily. I love how the tabs help keep dirty diapers rolled up. (Hey, it’s the little things!)


These diapers are a great fit for Harper. As I’ve demonstrated, she is busy and active, and these stay in place and absorb great, which leaves her free to climb my oven,

photo (4)

and my cupboards with ease.

photo_1 (4)

What a monkey!

We were able to pick up our Huggies Slip On Diapers are our favorite store, Target. Or as my girls lovingly call it, the popcorn store. There is a great coupon to use right now for $2 off your own pack of Huggies Slip On Diapers! That’s a great coupon!
You can grab it here to print!
Lucky me, I get to give away a $25 Target gift card to one of you! Go ahead and use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Be sure to read the question I want you to answer when you leave a comment! Open to US residents only.

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