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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

.:Homemade Fruit Snacks:.

My girls are still pretty young – 4.5, 3, and 19 months. And they love to help. Cleaning, cooking – any sort of help, they are all over it. Except that as mommies, we all know that sometimes that’s not really helpful. Am I right?

So I decided to find a way for them to be involved in the kitchen that was just for them. Then I’m not sitting there with my ocd self, worrying about how they are making the mess even bigger, or making things take even longer. My girls are all fruit snack junkies, so why not make some homemade fruit snacks with them?
Not only are they helping, but they are making something that they LOVE.

fruit snack cover

Are your kids as addicted to fruit snacks as mine are? Don't worry, I only let them have them once a day, max, but there's not much that makes them more excited when it comes to snacking as fruit snacks do.

I started out by using this recipe from the lovely Six Sisters Stuff. The recipe requires very little, and it super super easy!


You’re going to be working on a hot stove, so please, please, pretty please use caution when you have your kiddos near the hot stove top.

Here are my little gals, carefully stirring the the fruit snack mixture. I did have to help a little bit with some of the clumps, but it was even fairly simple for them, too.



The waiting for the fruit snacks to set was the hardest part, only because they were so excited about making their very own fruit snacks. They kept peeking at the molds on the counter to see if they were done yet.


I got these molds from the Target dollar spot (they have banana and apple, too) and I really liked using them for this. The actually tray part is a hard plastic, but the part where the fruit snacks are is a soft rubber, so you can just pop them out so easily when they are done. (The star and heart molds are older ones from Target; still work well, but a little tougher to pop out).

photo (2)

The girls were so excited to see the fruits of their labor. For fruit snack junkies, I’d say this was quite the amazing sight!

photo (3)

We took our goodies outside, and had a snack while we were playing.



How perfect are these for taking to the park, or splash pad, or even to the movies? Delicious, and fun to make with the different mold shapes, as well as the different flavors of Jello!

My girls have been begging to make more since we originally did this. And we will definitely be doing just that.


  1. What a great idea!
    Greetings from sunny Scotland

  2. What a fun and great idea. I just might do this with my grands! xo Diana


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