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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

.:Keep Kids Creative With Cricut & Ubooly:.

** Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Cricut and Ubooly, but the ideas and content are my own.

Ubooly what? No, not a typo. An Ubooly is a fun, interactive toy that your children can play with. You download the Ubooly app, and then your child can either play directly on your phone (no toy required) or you can get the stuffed animal for even more interactive fun. The Ubooly can be customized to your child’s name and age, and then it interacts with your child based on the information you’ve given it. It is pretty fun, and my girls have loved having a toy that actually listens and responds to them! They’ve had fun listening to stories, and using their imaginations.

My oldest recently went to a friend’s house for a playdate one afternoon, which left Remi – my three year old – home, stuck with just Mom. Remi loves to do whatever Reece is doing, so sometimes it is tough when she doesn’t get to tag along on playdates. I decided to get out my Cricut Mini and have some special fun time with Rem.

Cricut & Ubooly Sports Day - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Our first game was a little game of Ubooly-ball. I used my Cricut Mini to cut out a little backboard, and taped it to the wall with some washi tape. I thought Rem might have fun tossing her Ubooly friend into the bucket. The great thing about the stuffed animal is that it protects your phone (to an extent of course!), and the Ubooly even makes ‘wheee’ sounds when it is airborne. Remi didn’t totally love tossing the Ubooly, but she was still sure to use the backboard and carefully place the Ubooly in the tin. Why raise the risk of missing by tossing when you can just place it in, right?

Cricut & Ubooly Sports Day - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

She even gave the Ubooly a little pep talk after.

Cricut & Ubooly Sports Day - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Our next game was a game of Ubooly golf. I used my Mini to cut out some ‘holes’ and we used our toy golf clubs to move the Ubooly from hole to hole.

Cricut & Ubooly Sports Day - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Someone needs to teach that girl how to hold a golf club!

Cricut & Ubooly Sports Day - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Form aside, Remi had a fun time pushing her friend around.

Cricut & Ubooly Sports Day - Sumo's Sweet Stuff

We had a fun afternoon playing together with the Ubooly. What other games could we play next time?

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  1. Wonderful ideas, and a great time of one-on-one with the younger child. That is so important! I have two boys and realized once the older one moved out just how much the younger one really does like to be with the older. Thanks for sharing, Kim www.kimfergusonstamps.blogspot.com


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