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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Hello Everyone!  Cheryl here again!  If we haven’t met yet, than it’s a pleasure to meet you!  I live over at That’s What Che Said…  You can find DIY projects, crafts and recipes, like my Simple Watermelon Cookies or Surprise Strawberry Cupcakes with Cheesecake Frosting!

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I hope you will stop by and say hello!  My door is always open!  To those that have already hopped over to introduce yourself, it is so nice to see you again!  I’m so happy to be back this month to share my Outdoor Scavenger Hunt.  I know this isn’t necessarily a craft but it is a really fun activity that I enjoy with my boys and thought you might also!
  Scavenger Hunt
My boys love to take evening walks.  It’s so hot during the day but once the sun starts to set we like to get out and enjoy the outdoors!
  Bike Ride
While we walk I like to help the kids be aware of all the awesome things in the world around them.  Since we are outdoors…my Outdoor Scaveger hunt was born.  The boys love finding the items, checking them off and answering the questions!  I am sharing this free printable download so you too can have your own scavenger hunt! Scooter Ride
Take advantage of their curiosity and ask more questions!  For older children you can do an ABC hunt.  Find something that starts with A, then B, etc.  Once my kids get hunting on our walk they are so much more aware of everything they normally pass by!  I can see how excited they are to see and realize new things and it’s a great part of being a mom!  It’s also a great time just to enjoy each other’s company.  They are tired of riding their bikes and scooters and we can just explore together!  They love it and I do too!

Click Here to download your own free copy of the Outdoor Scavenger Hunt!

Thanks so much to Summer for having me back this month and I hope that you will stop by and say hello!  There’s a lot of fun stuff happening at my place this month and I’d love for you to be a part of it!  Today I am sharing a super easy BBQ Chicken Empanada Recipe!  
And That’s What Che Said…


  1. Over from 30 Handmade Days and I LOVE your blog! Following you every way possible (pinterest, bloglovin, google, etc). Would love if you followed me back! www.barefootbysea.blogspot.com
    Jess :)

    1. Thanks for coming over and following along! Off to check you out as well!



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