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Thursday, August 1, 2013

.:Home Sweet Home Printable - Spool and Spoon:.

Good morning! It's Jess from Spool and Spoon and I feel like it's been forever since I stopped by and said hi -- I'm so glad to be back. My summer has been a whirlwind in so many ways so it's been really nice when I have those rare moments to just fall back on the couch and relax. Chaos definitely makes you appreciate the feeling you get when you're home - wherever that may be. For that reason, I thought an uber simple piece of art would be a great printable to share with you this month!

Sureee. I get it. You're like, "but Jess, my gorgeous family and home were not established in 2011 -- but thanks anyway." I made this print in keeping with the idea that you could and SHOULD personalize it for your own family. 

Here's how:

Download one of the 5 color options:

2. In PhotoShop or, your favorite free online photo editing site (here, I'm illustrating the process with the good ole standby PicMonkey), open the photo. 

3. In the "Frames" section, I selected "Simple Edge" and made the outer color non-existent and the inner color white (same as the background) and the full thickness of 100. I also added a caption space at the max of  374 and hit "Apply"

4. Next, I went to "Basic Edits" to crop my canvas to the size I needed for the particular frame I was using, which happened to be 8x10

5. Now that it was cropped and I knew what space I had to work with, I was able to add text to personalize the print. I selected a color as similar to the house color as possible and used one of my fave fonts RNS Camelia to write "established 2011." You could use your last name or your street address too!

6. When you're all finished personalizing it, save it to your computer and print it out! I purposely made the file size HUGE so you wouldn't have to worry about any pixelization when you printed a larger 8x10 or 11x14. 

What you end up with is a personalized piece of art that would be the perfect addition to your gallery wall -- or, if you're like me, the gallery wall you've been dreaming about for the past two years, haha. 


Jess is a crafty semi-newlywed living with her husband and two fur babies in a little townhouse outside of Philadelphia. She started Spool and Spoon in 2012 to document her creative endeavors and to counterbalance her day job as a corporate recruiter. Jess is a DIY girl through and through; she'd prefer her camera, sketchbook, and sewing machine over most anything else. Throughout any given week, you can find a mashup of printablestutorials, and recipes on her blog. Check it out!

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