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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Domestic Bliss Squared: Five tips for wearing leggings this fall

five tips for wearing leggings

Hi there guys! Jessica and Hilary here from Domestic Bliss Squared, back to talk about fashion again! This month we're sharing our top Five tips for wearing leggings. because you know it's getting colder. And who doesn't love themselves some leggings? And sometimes...leggings can be BAD.

Recently I (Jessica) took part in Ma Nouvelle Mode's 7x7 remix, where I took only 7 items of clothing and made 7 outfits from them. Sounds crazy, right? But it's tons of fun! During this last round I decided to push myself and made 7 outfits that all incorporated this single pair of black leggings:

five tips for wearing leggings

These are my favorite leggings ever! They're Danskin brand running leggings from Wal-Mart (that's right, I shop at Wal-Mart! Don't judge.) and they're the best thick, stretchy, opaque leggings with an awesome control top style waistband that sucks in the post-baby belly in the nicest way.

Anyways, all the outfits from this post are from my 7x7 remix! I thought this would be the perfect way to talk about my top five tips for wearing leggings.

Ready? Here we go!

five tips for wearing leggings

1. Make sure that you're covering...things...that should be covered. This is the cardinal rule of wearing leggings. This includes everything that you would cover with a bathing suit. Leggings are NOT PANTS. Although you can play with length a lot more then tights (if you have a good thick pair of leggings), your lady business and 2/3 of your behind should probably be covered.

five tips for wearing leggings

2. Pair your leggings with a same-color shoe for a longer, leaner look. In the outfit above, the combination of black heels and leggings help make it look like my legs are longer then they are, even though I'm not wearing full tights. And for most women the ankle is one of the narrowest parts of the leg to show. So by having the leggings stop just at the ankle you're highlighting a narrow point on your leg while covering the rest of it in flattering, slimming black.

five tips for wearing leggings

3. Pile on the layers. Although possibly the comfiest thing you can wear on your legs, leggings are not always the warmest, and you can risk looking somewhat bare because they're so form fitting. Having a lot of layers on top helps keep you toasty if you're going to be outside. Or if you just want to look fabulous!

five tips for wearing leggings

4. Take some risks! Most leggings are neutral colors (black, grey, brown and navy) which means that you shouldn't be afraid to have some fun on top. The pattern mix above isn't something I would wear just any day, but I love love LOVE it! Because my shoes and leggings are neutral, it tones down the crazy pattern mixing a bit. Try something you wouldn't normally do. Pattern mix. Wear bright colors in winter. Think outside the box!

five tips for wearing leggings

5. To balance out your top half, try a pair of knee-high boots. Sometimes when you have on a shorter tunic top and leggings you can start to look like an ice cream cone...you know, narrow on the bottom, heavy on top? No one wants that! It's not flattering. To combat the ice cream cone, throw on some boots. They help to add some visual weight on your bottom half, and create balance (and make your legs look thinner!)

There you guys go! I hope you enjoyed these five quick tips. And if you're looking for more fun style tips and outfits, you can check us out at Domestic Bliss Squared! Or you can follow us on Facebook, Google +, or Twitter. See you all next month!

~Jessica and Hilary


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