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Friday, October 25, 2013

.:Review & Giveaway–Glamour Glaze:.

** I was provided with the featured product for my home, but all opinions are my own.

We all like to keep our families safe, don’t we? There are always dangers in this world of ours; anything from natural disasters to criminals, and we’re always doing our best to keep our children and families free from harm.

That is exactly why I was excited to try out the Safety Film product from 3M, installed by Glamour Glaze.


Let me tell you a little bit about Glamour Glaze first. Glamour Glaze is one of Utah’s leading window tinting companies, and one of the few 3M Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealers in Utah. Glamour Glaze boasts 30 years of experience, and serves both commerical buildings and residential homes. Sounds like a great company, doesn’t it?

I was offered the opportunity to try out the Safety Film for my home. The Safety Film is called Ultra 400 Clear, and it is a thin, clear film that is applied directly to your windows. Even though it is a thin film, it is very strong, and stretches rather than tears when the glass is compromised. This helps to keep glass from coming inside the home when it is broken from the outside. It can also help to keep out the weather elements when facing storms and other natural disasters. This film also helps protect the inside of your home from UV rays, lessening any sun damage from light coming in. Lots of perks! This will definitely help increase the value of your home, at the same time helping protect the contents – and most importantly – the people of your home.

Here is a real life video to show the effectiveness of this film against burglars.

I was very impressed with the service provided by Glamour Glaze. The technician came to my home, we had a brief consultation, and the Safety Film was installed in four different areas of my home all within an hour. Talk about great service! Aside from being done in a timely manner, it was also done well. The film looks fantastic; you would never know anything was on the windows! My girls’ rooms are at the front of our house. As you can see, while not completely ground level, they are still very much at a level that someone could enter our home if they really wanted to.


Our front door also has a narrow side window that could easily be broken for someone to reach in and un-lock our door.


Though I didn’t get a picture, we have a set of stairs in our backyard leading up to a sliding door. Again, easily accessible for those with bad intentions. But now, I can rest a little easier knowing that there is an extra layer of protection against criminals and the elements! You can’t even tell there’s a film on there, can you?


The windows look just like any other window.


This film can be cleaned with regular window cleaners, as long as you wait 30 days after having the film put on. I love that there aren’t any special cleaners involved in this treatment.


So if you are a Utah local, you will want to give Glamour Glaze a call at (801) 258-3865 to get a free quote! This is a great service, not only for your home value, but for protecting everything - and everyone - inside.

Mention Sumo's Sweet Stuff and receive $100 off your purchase towards 100 sq. ft. or more!

And now for a giveaway! Who would like to win $500 worth of Safety Film for your own house?

Just leave me a comment below telling me where in your home you'd like to have the Safety Film installed.

Must live between Draper and Brigham City to win; this is the area that Glamour Glaze services.

Good luck!


  1. I've been reading about this stuff! My husband & I have talked about it a little, so winning some would be amazing!! We'd start with all the bedroom windows & probably end up paying the difference to finish off the house. Awesome!!

  2. I think we would start with our office window.

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  3. I have a TON of windows on my main floor. I'd love to get those done!


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