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Friday, November 1, 2013

.:Little Girl Fall Fashion:.

Recently, my friend Michelle from A Little Tipsy invited me to share some fashion ideas for little girls over on her site. This is what I shared, and I'm bringing it home in case you missed it!

I’ve got three little girls that I enjoy sewing for.

girls collage

Michelle asked me to share about little girls fashion, so I’ll share a bit about what works for us and our style.

One thing I absolutely love are bright, bold prints. I am often drawn to fabric that is big and colorful. Sometimes, when you find a print that you really, really like, you might consider using it on a larger scale. In my post about the Sally dresses that I made for my girls, you can see that I let the bolder, busier prints be the main part of the dress, and let a more subtle print stick around for the pockets.

Little Girl Fashion - Sally Dresses by www.SumosSweetStuff.com

Now, with that being said, I am also a huge fan of pattern mixing. I think it is fun to throw some patterns together, as long as it is in a more controlled way; basically not too over the top. On a smaller scale item, like this Ruffled Bustle Top, you can mix the patterns without it being way too overpowering with all of the different prints. Especially when paired with a simple, solid colored shorts or pants.

Little Girl Fashion - Ruffled Bustle Top by www.SumosSweetStuff.com

There is also a Bustle Skirt, if you prefer to go that route. Again, paired with something simple and plain on top helps to balance it out!

Little Girl Fashion - Bustle Skirt by www.SumosSweetStuff.com

A great staple for a fall wardrobe (or any season really!) is a maxi skirt. They are so versatile, and can be paired with just about anything. Fall and winter? Let’s throw it together with a sweater, tights, and boots. Spring and summer? A t-shirt and flip flops is perfect! If you can sew, this 30 Minute Maxi Skirt might be just the thing for you. And if you don’t, check the stores! Maxi skirts are super trendy right now!

Little Girl Fashion - 30 Minute Maxi Skirts by www.SumosSweetStuff.com

Now, with three girls, I have a love for coordinating. I call it coordinating, not matching. Coordinating is different, you see. Coordinating is when you find the same item, but have it as many different ways as you need, which in my case is three. These Beachy Boatneck shirts that I made are a good example of coordinating. Same shirt, different prints. You can do this easily with store bought items as well! I am always on the lookout for shirts in different color ways. And I know what you might be thinking about that maxi skirt picture above. Those skirts are totally matching! But their tops aren’t, which I think is another great way to coordinate.

Little Girl Fashion - Beachy Boatnecks by www.SumosSweetStuff.com

Here’s another example of coordinating from our recent family pictures (taken by Your Vantage Photography). All in the same color scheme, all peplum style tops, and my girls’ shirts are all store bought. Same style of shirts, but all totally different.

Little Girl Fashion by www.SumosSweetStuff.com - Photo by www.YourVantagePhoto.com

Those are just a few of the things I go by when I’m planning out things for my girls to wear. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared!


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