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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Personal Race Car Craft: Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts

Hi there!  I'm back for another fun Kid's Craft.  Do you have a race car enthusiast?  With three boys in the house, we've got a few.  Anything from Disney Cars to giant Army trucks grabs the attention around here.  In fact, anything with wheels, really.  If your house is like ours, they're going to love this one. Here's how to help your child make their own, personal race car.


- paper supply box
- 5 paper plates (the heavy duty variety works best)
- craft paint in various colors, paint brush
- 5 Brad fasteners
- rope (we used a packet of laundry line)
- paper scraps, markers, foil, plastic lids

First, paint your box.

We put our paint directly onto paper plates to save resources.  Then we just swirled the paint to cover each paper plate and the wheels were done.

Once the plates and box are dry, use a Brad to fasten each wheel to the box

as well as insert the 5th plate onto the inside, front of the box. You may need to punch a hole first with scissors.

Now use a a box cutter or scissors to cut the bottom from your box.  This is where the legs come through so you'll want to leave a good inch or two of box for stability.

Using scissors, punch 2 holes each in the front and back at the top of your box, thread the rope through,

crisscrossing as you get to the top and knot at the back holes.  You'll want to measure the rope on your child to make sure the box hangs above the knees.

Lastly, decorate the front of the race car to look like a windshield.  The child can draw a picture of the driver or use scraps and plastic lids glued on to look like headlights.  Aluminum foil is also fun!

The little guy was in a bus mood so he went back and added windows to the sides of his box.

That's it!  Now your little one is ready to race around and play race car.  Many variations are possible with this one folks.  I like letting my guys take the reigns on how to decorate but this can also be easily modified for a fire truck, police car, bus, or Army truck just by changing up the paint colors.

I hope you're enjoying this monthly Kid's Craft share.  I'd love some feedback as we head into the holiday season and the new year.  As I'm creating craft tutorials, I want to be sure that these are practical for you lovely readers.  Do you like general crafts like these, that can be used any time of the year or would you prefer seasonal type crafts that you can do with you kids during the holidays?

As always, I'm thrilled to be here.  Until next month!

Hi there! I'm Stacey, and I blog over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts. I'm a former elementary school teacher, Foreign Service wife, and mom to three very active boys. I have a passion for all things crafty. On my blog you'll find sewing tutorials and pattern reviews for boys, women, and home decor projects as well as crafts and activities to keep my boys busy.  I'm a fabric hoarding, coffee drinking, YA fiction addict who'd choose cheese over chocolate any time. I love making new friends so stop on by!


  1. That first picture is perfect. He looks so happy.

    1. He and his brother just LOVE their cars. They are so funny, running around pretending to be race cars.


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