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Thursday, November 7, 2013

.:Thanksgiving Banner - Spool and Spoon:.

Hey everyone! I'm so glad to be back once again to share another printable with all of you! I had so many ideas and, let me tell you, it was SO difficult not to put together something Christmas oriented. Yes, I'm that person. The second we throw out our Jack-o-Lanterns, I start begging my husband to put up Christmas lights. I'm only a tad ashamed... and by a tad, I mean not at all. I thought it might be nice to finally create something targeted toward the holiday I normally skip right over: Thanksgiving. 

What's better than a fun bunting banner? Not much if you ask me. With just three sheets of paper and a piece of yarn/twine/ribbon, you'll have a simple and festive decoration for your Turkey Day gathering.

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Now, how about that Thanksgiving Banner?
  1. Select and save the Full-Size images below. There are two options: 'Be Thankful' or 'Be Grateful'
  2. Print the images (a total of three pages for each phrase) on regular paper or card stock
  3. Cut out each pennant carefully
  4. Fold over the top 1/2 - 3/4 inch of each and secure with a piece of tape
  5. Organize the letters and then thread a length of string/ribbon under the fold of each
  6. Hang your banner up and call it a day!
"Be" + Turkey

Cornucopia + GRAT[eful]

[grat]EFUL + Cornucopia

Cornucopia + THAN[kful]

[than]KFUL + Cornucopia

Jess is a crafty twenty-something living with her husband and two fur babies in a little townhouse outside of Philadelphia. She started Spool and Spoon in 2012 to document her creative endeavors and to counterbalance her day job as a corporate recruiter. Jess is a DIY girl through and through; she'd prefer her camera, sketchbook, and sewing machine over most anything else. Throughout any given week, you can find a mashup of printablestutorials, and recipes on her blog. Check it out!


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