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Thursday, January 31, 2013

.:Sew Fab Sale - Coming Soon!:.

Coming next week!

From February 4th- February 11th...

the first ever


For one week only, ten pattern designers will be joining together to combine 18 of their best PDF sewing patterns (valued together at over $139.00) and selling them to you for the incredible price of $24.95! That's over 80% off of the combined retail value!

That wasn't a typo! For less than $25.00 you will have the chance to purchase a library of resources to get you started on several great projects that you can sew over and over again. The designers that are joining this sale are experts at their craft. They have been sewing for a very long time and are well known in blog land as well as in children's and women's sewing pattern design circles. Each designer has contributed one or two of their favorite sewing patterns to create a bundle that is sure to please! Whether you are sewing for your own family or making gifts for others, these are patterns that you will love to use.

Figgy's Patterns, Go To Patterns, peek-a-boo pattern shop, Seamingly Smitten, One Girl Circus, Sew Much Ado, luvinthemommyhood, Gingercake, Sew Fearless, Me Sew Crazy... this is the lineup! But you have to wait until Monday to find out exactly which sewing patterns are included in the pattern bundle. I can tell you that you won't be disappointed!

We are offering an affiliate program for this amazing sale too! If you think your blog readers, Facebook friends, or Twitter pals would be interested in buying this bundle of sewing patterns, why not sign up as an affiliate? As a Sew Fab Sale affiliate you can sell the pattern bundle on your blog and earn 40% of all of your sales! Contact Jenny at thesoutherninstitute@gmail.com for more details. 

Oh! And there will be a giveaway! The Sew Fab Giveaway is amazing! One lucky winner will win a bunch of amazing prizes from some of your favorite companies and online shops! I can't wait to reveal the giveaway package next week!

Don't miss the Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale

starting Monday, February 4th!

Sponsored by
The Southern Institute and Fat Quarter Shop

We'll see you there!

The Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle is only available from 8 am EST February 4th through 8 am EST February 11th. Due to the nature of the sale there will be no late sales or refunds.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

.:Valentine’s Day Round-Up:.

Here’s a peek back at some of my past Valentine’s Day projects. You’ve still got a little time to create before the big day! And really, I have Valentine’s Day stuff up through February, so plenty of time, right?

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Heart Canvas (done in more Valentine’s Day-ish colors if you choose!)

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Happy Love Day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

.:BabbaCo & Beating the Winter Blues:.

Last winter in Utah was heavenly. It was mild. We went to the zoo in January in light jackets. I even have a picture of Harper (about two months old) sitting in her car seat with only a long sleeved onesie and pants on. Not much snow. Not much cold. Heavenly.

This year? Not so much. It has been freezing here in Utah. Not just cold, seriously freezing. As in, we’re lucky if we break 10-15 degrees freezing. To top it off, the inversion has been horrible; I’m sure you’ve heard about it on the news, even if you don’t live in Utah. Our nasty air has been making some national headlines!

So needless to say, we haven’t been venturing out much. When it’s that cold, I feel too bad dragging my kids around and exposing them to the cold and the bad air. Which means we’ve been spending a lot of time inside the house. There’s been lots of dress up, lots of coloring, and though I’m ashamed to admit it, lots of Disney channel. Hey, just keepin’ it real.

And even though we love all of those things, after awhile, the troops start getting restless and wanting new things to do. So I was thrilled to learn about BabbaCo and the BabbaBox.

Every month, the BabbaBox is delivered right to your door. It is filled with a variety of supplies and activities to encourage parents and children to engage in meaningful activities without having to do any of the leg work. And the BabbaBox is geared towards children ages 3-7, so I’ve got two kids that fall right around that range and would totally love something like this. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Each box has these four components included:


2-3 projects? Books? Interactive learning? Sign us up!

Here’s a little more directly from BabbaCo:

“Has your child ever pretended to be an astronaut? What about had a play date with their favorite stuffed animal? When kids use their imaginations, not only do they have a ton of fun, but they develop the abstract thinking skills that are so important for academic learning later on. Engaging in pretend play also helps kids learn impulse control - which turns out to be even more important for school success than IQ!  So by encouraging your kids to exercise their imaginations, you’re helping lay the foundation for future success. Who knew learning could be such an Amazing Adventure!

This month the BabbaBox has partnered with Shutterfly so that you can bring your child’s Amazing Adventures to life. There is no better cure for the short winter days than unlocking the imaginations of your little ones.  Here are the details on what you’ll find inside your “My Amazing Adventures” BabbaBox…

Make an adorable photo magnet of your kids and have it sent to your home – absolutely free – thanks to our special partnership with Shutterfly!
And as a special “thank you” to our parents, this month we have an exclusive Shutterfly coupon for BabbaCo customers – so you can transform your favorite moments from 2012 into lasting memories.”

I don’t know about you, but this just keeps sounding better and better to me. I love finding new things to do with these three turkeys.



You’ll want to sign up for BabbaCo’s newsletter to get free ideas of activities you can do indoors with your kiddos. And just by signing up, you’ll be entered to win this great prize package:

Annual Membership to the BabbaBox ($240 value)
$50 Gift Card from Shutterfly

Additionally, BabbaCo is running a very special “Cure to the Indoor Blues” offer right now: 
33% ($10) Off the 1st month of a new Monthly or Annual Subscription!
Just use the Coupon Code: FEB33 at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up now!

Tell me....what do you like to do with your kiddos when you're stuck inside?

** Disclosure: This post was sponsored by BabbaCo, but the thoughts and opinions are my own. My kids really are going stir crazy, and I really think this sounds like a great idea!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

.:Market Yourself Monday:.

Happy Sunday!

Did you have a good weekend? I sure hope so.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@sumossweetstuff) then you know we were dealing with a sick one year old all last week. First she was super fevered and slept a ton. And that turned to lots of crying/screaming, and I finally took her in to the doctor on Friday after a nite of one hour of sleep (for both me and my baby) to find out that she has a horrible ear infection. Yeah. Not winning any mother of the year awards over here for waiting so long to take her in. It’s been an exhausting week, and even though her sleep is still horrible, the antibiotics are helping and she is much happier during the day. Whew! So that was how most of my week last week was spent.

I got a little reprieve from the sickness yesterday, when I got to meet up with a bunch of super talented ladies for lunch. Some of them were in town for Alt Summit, and the rest of us just came to lunch to meet and chat. It definitely wasn’t long enough, but it was so fun to get together and be around so many talented women.


(Picture from Jessica @ Me Sew Crazy)

Left to Right: Tory (Sassy Steals), Sabra (Sew A Straight Line), Stefanie (Girl.Inspired), Amy (Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop & Naptime Crafters), Alice (We All Sew), Miriam (Mad Mim), Amy (This Heart of Mine), Jessica (Me Sew Crazy), Delia (Delia Creates), Sachiko (Tea Rose Home), Liz & Elizabeth (Simple Simon & Co), Paige (Riley Blake Designs), Lindsay (The Cottage Mama), Me
(And there is someone in the picture that I didn’t have the chance to meet and am not sure who it is. Eep. So embarrassing!)

Before we get started with the party, I just want to let you know to look for a post about BabbaCo and how to beat the winter blues coming this week. I don’t know what it’s like where you’re at, but it’s freezing here and we are having a horrid inversion, so needless to say, we are indoors a lot and rarely venture out!

I’ll also be doing some sewing (assuming we can keep the sickies away) and will be sharing some fun sewing tutorials coming up!

Alrighty, enough from me. The most viewed link from last week’s party was:

Now get your link on!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

.:Feature Friday - Madalee:.

Hello, I'm Nancy from the Maddalee blog and I am so happy to have been asked by Sumo to guest post here at Sumo's Sweet Stuff! I am Mom to 3 really nice young adult children and a beautiful daughter-in-law plus 3 or 4 dogs on any given day, Grammie to my adorable little grandson, hopefully a good friend to many, artist, graphic designer and foodie, for a start.  And now, the voice behind the Maddalee blog and hopefully a new friend of yours!

  I designed this Valentine Box with Message Hearts just for today's post. Isn't this adorable? I really like how it turned out and think it would be a great little Valentine gift for that special friend, or for yourself. It's really quite easy to make. In addition to the printed pieces, you will need one small button and narrow satin ribbon.

I have created 3 hi res jpg print files and 3 dxf cutting files for those of us that have a Silhouette Cameo, however this project is easy and streamlined enough that anyone with a desktop printer and a pair of scissors can print and cut out with scissors. I am new to my Cameo, have only had it a month or so and therefore all of the paper art projects showcased at Maddalee have been cut out by hand by me at one time or another! Cameo and I took a while to get to know each other and become friends, but we are doing great now. I also have a Silhouette Cameo print and cut tutorial over at Maddalee that has been quite a popular post.

I love how the inside of the box is also printed with a pretty pattern, doesn't it make the project look more finished and professional? The red polka dot file is created in a size that is large enough to make sure none of the inside of box gets missed while flipping the page and printing the outside of the box with a desktop printer.

I attached the two hearts on the front of the box with a cute little button and the narrow satin ribbon used for the "Message Hearts", after cutting the box out and scoring on the dotted lines, it's quite easy to fold as shown and create the box. The only trick is to slide the two large red heart halves together before closing the top and bottom of the box. The "Message Hearts" are also a breeze! Each of the large hearts gets a small heart tied to it through punched holes, or holes that will cut with the Cameo and tied together with the narrow satin ribbon. The heart backs have been left blank, so that a sweet message can be written on each one.

And here we are, a little Valentine Box full of love! I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did creating it. This little box also coordinates with the "Blow a Kiss Bouquet" posted at Maddalee earlier this month. Thank you so much, Sumo, for inviting me. As a special thank you to all of our readers, I will be giving away one Message Heart Box set along with one Blow a Kiss Bouquet, details about this giveaway and the Valentine Box and Message Heart files are over at the Maddalee Blog. I hope you all have a sweet day, xoxo

Oh my goodness. Those little boxes are so adorable! I can think of quite a few people I could gift those to! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us, Nancy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

.:Conversation Heart Banner:.

Finally! A valentine’s Day post! I bet you were starting to think I was just going to skip over the holiday completely, didn’t you?

Never fear, I’m all over it. With a house full of girls, that centers around pink and glitter, you can bet that Valentine’s Day is on our radar. So I used it as the perfect excuse to bust out my Cricut Mini, some pretty fabric, and some ribbon to make this:

Wanna make one?

Here’s what you need:

- fabric
- felt
- Heat N’ Bond
- pinking sheers
- iron
- Cricut Mini (or other digital cutter)
- ribbon


The first thing to do is log in to Cricut Craft Room, and get a heart graphic. I was able to search and a ton of heart options popped up. Choose the heart you like, and size it.


Then you’ll need to add the text to the heart. I googled conversation heart images to get some phrases. Size the text to fit inside the heart.


Now it’s time to prep the fabric. Cut a piece of Heat N’ Bond that is smaller than the piece of fabric. Iron it on to the wrong side of the fabric, with the paper side being ironed on. This is what it will look like.


Once it is cooled, cut the excess fabric off and peel up the paper. You can see how the fabric now has a shine to it where the adhesive is ironed on.


Put the fabric on the cutting mat, with the shiny side sticking to the mat and the right side of the fabric facing up.


Load the mat into the Cricut machine.


Click the cut button in Craft Room. I selected custom setting, and used a speed of 3. My blade and pressure were both set to 4.


Click cut and watch the Cricut do its thing!

When it is done cutting, un-load the mat and peel off the excess fabric. Peel off the heart, and be sure to grab any extra pieces you need for your letters that have loops in them (‘e’, ‘b’, ‘o’, etc.)


Cut a piece of felt, place the heart on the felt, put a thin towel over it and iron the heart on to the felt.

Repeat with remaining fabric. What I love about Craft Room is that when you click on the text once, a button pops up that says ‘edit text’. It makes it super easy to change your text in the software!

Cut the felt pieces into whatever shape you want your pennants to be. I went with this flag look.

Don’t they look festive?

Cut holes in the corners of each pennant, string some ribbon through, and hang that baby up! Go ahead and add some extra decorative ribbon at each end if you like!

After I hung this up, my four year old kept saying how much she loved the Valentine’s banner and thanking me for making it.

I guess that means I did good, right?