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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

.:Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins with a FREE Printable:.

This is a great last minute Halloween treat for your kids to share with their friends. Which is exactly what my girls are doing with them!

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins with FREE printable at SumosSweetStuff.com

A gal in my neighborhood made these to take around to some of the girls in the neighborhood that we are over for church, and I thought it was pretty cute. Each of my girls needs to take a treat to give to their friends for their Halloween parties at school, and I thought these would be perfect! Plus, my girls helped make them, and I always love when there are things they can help me with!

Here’s what you need:

- some sort of rice cereal, you can see we went generic!
- tootsie rolls
- marshmallows
- butter
- food coloring

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins with FREE printable at SumosSweetStuff.com

I followed the exact recipe directly from the Rice Krispie site, found here. The only thing I added was food coloring to the mallow and butter mix to make it orange.

Once you’ve mixed the melted mallows and butter together, and added in the cereal, let the mixture sit for 5-8 minutes. You can’t form it into pumpkins when it’s freshly made or the shape won’t hold. I sprayed my hands with cooking spray to work with the mixture.

I cut the tootsie rolls in half for the stems, and would add them to the pumpkins as I was forming them; sort of formed the pumpkins around the stem. Then I set the pumpkins on wax paper to harden up a bit.

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins with FREE printable at SumosSweetStuff.com

Once they had time to sit for a bit, I put them in cellophane bags and folded the tops down. Then I printed off some tags that I whipped up in PicMonkey. You can grab the tags HERE to print!

Free printable Halloween tag at SumosSweetStuff.com

I put some ribbon through the tops of the tags and attached them to the bags. Easy!

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins with FREE printable at SumosSweetStuff.com

Now my girls have a cute little treat to share with their friends for their Halloween parties!

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins with FREE printable at SumosSweetStuff.com

These tags would work great with any Halloween themed treat that your kids might be sharing.


Monday, October 28, 2013

.:Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle:.

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleTarget  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.”

Halloween is always a fun time of year with kids. Dressing up, visiting pumpkin patches, getting candy – there’s no end to the fun! My girls and I were excited to host a little Halloween play date at our house with all of their little friends. We had fun using some Cottonelle and our princess dolls.

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

When I found out we would have the opportunity to do some sort of Halloween décor or party game using the new Cottonelle Triple Roll, I knew just what we would do: mummies! This could be a fun game, adaptable to many different ages. You could pair up at an adult party and do fastest mummy wrapping and/or unwrapping. Kids could wrap each other up, too. Since these girls are a bit younger, I figured that turning princess dolls into mummies – without the pressure of racing or timing – would be perfect. And it was!

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Of course, we are always looking for excuses to wear costumes during October, so we made it a costume play date.

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

The girls each got a roll of Cottonelle, and went to town!

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

The girls had a great time wrapping up their dolls, tucking and rolling along the way.

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Of course, we had to make sure that the eyes were still showing, so all of the girls were careful to do that. Mummies have to see, right?

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

It was so cute to watch them putting so much effort into their little mummies.

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Once everyone was done wrapping, we wanted to get a group picture of the girls with their new, mummified dolls. Which naturally led to the girls making what they thought were mummy noises; you may not be able to hear it, but you can see it in their faces!

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

It was a very mummilicious afternoon, and the girls had a great time creating their mummy dolls with the help of Cottonelle.

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

And as you know, any good play date has a treat, and what better treat to have than sugar cookies that you can decorate yourself!

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Do you have any Halloween parties going on this week? Consider using Cottonelle Triple Roll to add to your festivities! Who doesn’t love a good mummy game, right? I can only imagine how much fun a group of little boys would have with this.

There’s a great coupon for a 12 pack of Cottonelle Triple Roll at Target: buy a 12 pack or larger and get one box of Kleenex free while supplies last!


Click HERE to print the coupon.

We love any reason to go to Target, don’t you?

What Halloween game or décor would you use Cottonelle Triple Roll for?

Mummy Dolls with Cottonelle at SumosSweetStuff.com #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Sunday, October 27, 2013

.:Block Party:.

It's Time for a Block Party! Link up at one of these great blogs and be seen on all four! Making the World Cuter, Sumo's Sweet Stuff, Rae Gun Ramblings and Keeping it Simple

This week is hosted by Tiffany at Making the World Cuter.
Here are a few of my most recent posts: Bat Costume, Doctors Costume, Let's Cuddle Art. Halloween is just a few days away, so if you have been procrastinating I rounded up some last minute ideas from our hosts.

  Last Minute Halloween Costumes and Crafts

If you are going to be hosting or going to a Halloween party this week I went through and pulled a bunch of your wonderful treats and drink ideas for this fun roundup! You'll be sure to want to pin this!

  26 Halloween Treats and Drinks to bring to a party. | Making the World Cuter

Column 1: Halloween Graveyard Cake | Pint Sized Baker, Spiked Monster Halloween Cocktail | Just Dip it in Chocolate, Frosted Candy Corn Cookie Bars | Posed Perfection, Frankenstein Cookies | This Silly Girls Life, Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs | Crafty Allie, Skinny Pumpkin Coffee Cake | Skinny Kitchen Column 2: Crunchy Caramel Popcorn | Nourishing Bites, Baked Pumpkin Donuts with Chocolate Icing | I Heart Eating, Chocolate Peanut Butter Magic Bars | Hungry Happenings, Gumdrop Skulls and Crossbones | Hungry Happenings, Pumpkin Snickerdoodles | Burnt Apple, Zombie Punch | Our Thrifty Ideas Column 3: Purple People Eater Cake Pops | Hoopla Palooza, Grain Free Almond Butter Pumpkin Cake | Domestic Bliss, White Chocolate Krispie Bones | Pink Recipe Box, Popcorn Monsters | Hungry Happenings, Intoxicating Pumpkin Shooters | On Wing and Prayer Column 4: Pumpkin Patch Pull Apart | Annie’s Home, Witchy Pretzel Fudge Cake Pops | Hoopla Palooza, Spider Web Drinks | Oh My Creative, Bloody Brain Cake Pop | Pint Sized Baker, Eye of Newt Pretzels | Lady Behind the Curtain, Spooky Eye Cake | Say It With Cake, Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Sprinkles, Ogre Eyeballs | Pink Recipe Box, Triple Dipped Smores Apple | I Dig Pinterest

Party Rules

    1. Please pin the above two images.
    2. Link to a specific post, not your home page
    3. Don't add links to promote giveaways, other link parties or your shops
    4. Visit & comment on at least 2 other links in the party
    5. Don't link posts you've linked before
    6. This party starts Sunday @ 6pm PST & ends Friday @ midnight
    7. By entering a link, you give us permission to feature an image on our blogs. Proper credit & links will always be given.
    8. Please use our button to tell people you joined our little block party!
Making the World Cuter

If the link up is not working, please click HERE.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

.:Showcase Saturday - Halloween Edition:.

Enjoy the lovely features from this week's Block Party. I went with a Halloween theme today since Halloween is this week. Are you ready?

Be sure to click over to the original link before you pin!

Crafty Journal - Mummified Can

eat drink and be scary free printable for your halloween party

monster-eye-cake copy

Halloween Lights c

Drilled pumpkins!  What an amazing idea for Halloween!  These are so easy and end up looking beautiful!


Be sure to grab a featured button if I showcased your idea today!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 25, 2013

.:Review & Giveaway–Glamour Glaze:.

** I was provided with the featured product for my home, but all opinions are my own.

We all like to keep our families safe, don’t we? There are always dangers in this world of ours; anything from natural disasters to criminals, and we’re always doing our best to keep our children and families free from harm.

That is exactly why I was excited to try out the Safety Film product from 3M, installed by Glamour Glaze.


Let me tell you a little bit about Glamour Glaze first. Glamour Glaze is one of Utah’s leading window tinting companies, and one of the few 3M Authorized Prestige Window Film Dealers in Utah. Glamour Glaze boasts 30 years of experience, and serves both commerical buildings and residential homes. Sounds like a great company, doesn’t it?

I was offered the opportunity to try out the Safety Film for my home. The Safety Film is called Ultra 400 Clear, and it is a thin, clear film that is applied directly to your windows. Even though it is a thin film, it is very strong, and stretches rather than tears when the glass is compromised. This helps to keep glass from coming inside the home when it is broken from the outside. It can also help to keep out the weather elements when facing storms and other natural disasters. This film also helps protect the inside of your home from UV rays, lessening any sun damage from light coming in. Lots of perks! This will definitely help increase the value of your home, at the same time helping protect the contents – and most importantly – the people of your home.

Here is a real life video to show the effectiveness of this film against burglars.

I was very impressed with the service provided by Glamour Glaze. The technician came to my home, we had a brief consultation, and the Safety Film was installed in four different areas of my home all within an hour. Talk about great service! Aside from being done in a timely manner, it was also done well. The film looks fantastic; you would never know anything was on the windows! My girls’ rooms are at the front of our house. As you can see, while not completely ground level, they are still very much at a level that someone could enter our home if they really wanted to.


Our front door also has a narrow side window that could easily be broken for someone to reach in and un-lock our door.


Though I didn’t get a picture, we have a set of stairs in our backyard leading up to a sliding door. Again, easily accessible for those with bad intentions. But now, I can rest a little easier knowing that there is an extra layer of protection against criminals and the elements! You can’t even tell there’s a film on there, can you?


The windows look just like any other window.


This film can be cleaned with regular window cleaners, as long as you wait 30 days after having the film put on. I love that there aren’t any special cleaners involved in this treatment.


So if you are a Utah local, you will want to give Glamour Glaze a call at (801) 258-3865 to get a free quote! This is a great service, not only for your home value, but for protecting everything - and everyone - inside.

Mention Sumo's Sweet Stuff and receive $100 off your purchase towards 100 sq. ft. or more!

And now for a giveaway! Who would like to win $500 worth of Safety Film for your own house?

Just leave me a comment below telling me where in your home you'd like to have the Safety Film installed.

Must live between Draper and Brigham City to win; this is the area that Glamour Glaze services.

Good luck!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Domestic Bliss Squared: Five tips for wearing leggings this fall

five tips for wearing leggings

Hi there guys! Jessica and Hilary here from Domestic Bliss Squared, back to talk about fashion again! This month we're sharing our top Five tips for wearing leggings. because you know it's getting colder. And who doesn't love themselves some leggings? And sometimes...leggings can be BAD.

Recently I (Jessica) took part in Ma Nouvelle Mode's 7x7 remix, where I took only 7 items of clothing and made 7 outfits from them. Sounds crazy, right? But it's tons of fun! During this last round I decided to push myself and made 7 outfits that all incorporated this single pair of black leggings:

five tips for wearing leggings

These are my favorite leggings ever! They're Danskin brand running leggings from Wal-Mart (that's right, I shop at Wal-Mart! Don't judge.) and they're the best thick, stretchy, opaque leggings with an awesome control top style waistband that sucks in the post-baby belly in the nicest way.

Anyways, all the outfits from this post are from my 7x7 remix! I thought this would be the perfect way to talk about my top five tips for wearing leggings.

Ready? Here we go!

five tips for wearing leggings

1. Make sure that you're covering...things...that should be covered. This is the cardinal rule of wearing leggings. This includes everything that you would cover with a bathing suit. Leggings are NOT PANTS. Although you can play with length a lot more then tights (if you have a good thick pair of leggings), your lady business and 2/3 of your behind should probably be covered.

five tips for wearing leggings

2. Pair your leggings with a same-color shoe for a longer, leaner look. In the outfit above, the combination of black heels and leggings help make it look like my legs are longer then they are, even though I'm not wearing full tights. And for most women the ankle is one of the narrowest parts of the leg to show. So by having the leggings stop just at the ankle you're highlighting a narrow point on your leg while covering the rest of it in flattering, slimming black.

five tips for wearing leggings

3. Pile on the layers. Although possibly the comfiest thing you can wear on your legs, leggings are not always the warmest, and you can risk looking somewhat bare because they're so form fitting. Having a lot of layers on top helps keep you toasty if you're going to be outside. Or if you just want to look fabulous!

five tips for wearing leggings

4. Take some risks! Most leggings are neutral colors (black, grey, brown and navy) which means that you shouldn't be afraid to have some fun on top. The pattern mix above isn't something I would wear just any day, but I love love LOVE it! Because my shoes and leggings are neutral, it tones down the crazy pattern mixing a bit. Try something you wouldn't normally do. Pattern mix. Wear bright colors in winter. Think outside the box!

five tips for wearing leggings

5. To balance out your top half, try a pair of knee-high boots. Sometimes when you have on a shorter tunic top and leggings you can start to look like an ice cream cone...you know, narrow on the bottom, heavy on top? No one wants that! It's not flattering. To combat the ice cream cone, throw on some boots. They help to add some visual weight on your bottom half, and create balance (and make your legs look thinner!)

There you guys go! I hope you enjoyed these five quick tips. And if you're looking for more fun style tips and outfits, you can check us out at Domestic Bliss Squared! Or you can follow us on Facebook, Google +, or Twitter. See you all next month!

~Jessica and Hilary

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

.:Olivia Pattern Tour:.

Today I get the pleasure of sharing a new pattern from Jess of Craftiness Is Not Optional: the Olivia Top and Dress!

Olivia Top & Dress Pattern Tour at www.SumosSweetStuff.com - Win a copy of this versatile pattern from Craftiness Is Not Optional #sewing

Stinking adorable, right?

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the pattern tour because I was totally coveting this pattern ever since Jess first started posting about it. It is such a sweet pattern!

Olivia Top & Dress Pattern Tour at www.SumosSweetStuff.com - Win a copy of this versatile pattern from Craftiness Is Not Optional #sewing

This pattern is super versatile. As the name suggests, there are options for a dress or a top. That alone right there is awesome, but then there are also three different sleeve options! It is great to get a pattern that you have lots of options with. Makes you feel like you’re getting more for your buck!

Olivia Top & Dress Pattern Tour at www.SumosSweetStuff.com - Win a copy of this versatile pattern from Craftiness Is Not Optional #sewing

Another thing that I really love about this pattern are the details. I used to be a much more lazy sewer. But I’ve really grown to love details that make the finished product look finished and special. The binding around the neckline, and the button placket on this top does exactly that! I had someone tell me that these tops looked store bought! I totally attribute that to the fantastic finishing options on this pattern.

Olivia Top & Dress Pattern Tour at www.SumosSweetStuff.com - Win a copy of this versatile pattern from Craftiness Is Not Optional #sewing

I also love the fit of the top. It is a nice, loose, boxy fit – which is great for young girls who are constantly on the move. Paired with some skinny jeans, and you’ve got one darling outfit!

Olivia Top & Dress Pattern Tour at www.SumosSweetStuff.com - Win a copy of this versatile pattern from Craftiness Is Not Optional #sewing

Be sure to check out all of the other great versions of the pattern on the tour over at Craftiness Is Not Optional!

Olivia Tour

I’m excited to get to give one of you a copy of the Olivia Top and Dress Pattern!

Olivia Top & Dress Pattern Tour at www.SumosSweetStuff.com - Win a copy of this versatile pattern from Craftiness Is Not Optional #sewing

(Don’t you love Harper’s cheesey face?)

And if you just can’t wait to see if you won, be sure to visit Jess’ Etsy shop to pick up your copy of the pattern. It’s on sale this week for only $7! What a steal!

a Rafflecopter giveaway