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Thursday, January 30, 2014

.:Layering for Spring- Domestic Bliss Squared:.

Hi everyone! Jessica here from Domestic Bliss Squared, back to talk about style for Sumo! We missed posting over the holidays but now we're baaaaaaaaa-aaaack!

Today we're going to talk about layering for spring, because both of us here are dying for spring, but it's still cold in Idaho! Like, 28 degrees cold. Ew.

But that hasn't stopped us from busting out some spring clothing a little early! And today we're going to talk about how to layer pieces over your cute spring clothes to make them work right now. Today I (Jessica) and going to share one of Hilary's favorite outfits with you

Hilary loves color, so of course during February she totally rocks the red and pink. She actually rocks the red and pink all year round, but for Valentine's day she wanted to do something cute with her short sleeved red dress, but needed layers to keep herself from freezing to death!

On top of the dress she threw a little leopard print cardigan (that she got from ME!). Because what doesn't leopard go with? She chose neutral black tights and brown boots to compliment the pattern of the cardigan:

Hilary always keeps her accessories very balanced (even though she is the master at crazy color combinations!) so to keep the other parts of her outfit in the same color family, she wore black tights and tan boots that complimented the colors in the pattern of the leopard cardigan.

She also chose a delicate pair of earrings, because something too bold would compete with her cute red dress!

But because she is who she is and her style is always colorful, she added one last element to keep warm; this fabulous vintage orange-red coat. Which on anyone else would not really "go" with the true red of the dress. But somehow, in true Hilary form, it looks amazing. I've never had her eye for pairing colors together, but take note because this works! And it's perfect for Valentine's day!

A huge thanks to the gorgeous Sumo for letting us guest post again this month, we adore her. And if you'd like to check out more of our style post you can always come on over to Domestic Bliss Squared, or follow us here:

~Hilary & Jessica


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