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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

.:Knee Patches with Cricut Explore:.

** I was provided with a Cricut Explore. This post contains affiliate links.

Hey! Have you missed me? I’ve sure missed you guys. I promise I’ll be posting a little bit more in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’ve got a super easy project to share with you today!

Now, I know I can’t be the only one who has kids who trash their clothes. My girls have recently started getting holes in the knees of all of their pants. Now, it is spring time, but here in Utah that still means possible snow and crazy weather. Which means we’re still in pants a lot of the time. But I don’t really want to go buy new pants when we’re heading into warm weather season. So instead I decided to use my Cricut Explore to whip up some knee patches for my girls’ jeans!

DIY Knee Patches with Cricut Explore at SumosSweetStuff.com

It was super simple; I don’t even have a tutorial for you! All you have to do is iron on some Heat ‘N Bond to your fabric, and use your Cricut Explore to cut your patches. Be sure to put the shiny side of your fabric down on the mat when cutting. Turn the dial to fabric, and you’ve got yourself some new knee patches to cover up those holes! Just be careful to put something in between the legs of the jeans so that the patch doesn't iron on to the back leg of the pants! 

DIY Knee Patches with Cricut Explore at SumosSweetStuff.com

I think they look pretty cute, and add a little extra to the outfit. Easy, right?

DIY Knee Patches with Cricut Explore at SumosSweetStuff.com